Monday, August 17, 2009

Silly Sunday (One Day Late)

Haven't done much this weekend besides pick up Mike from camp and return him home to Spokane (with a visit to the other grandkids while I was there).
Some brief videos from yesterday and today.
Jackson's got a tumbleweed he wants to send to Cactus Jack Splash.

This morning I moved RT, Misty and Jackson to a new pasture. I took the cameras out, fully expecting some action! Well, it was 10:00, and the temperature was already climbing towards 80! I got some little spurts of action--but seems like every time Jackson would start racing about, my little Canon had cycled itself off. I would turn it on quick and start shooting, only to remember that, unless I go to full zoom mode one can't see anything, so I would stop filming, zoom in, and start filming again just as Jackson decided to rest up again!

Jackson had the sense to stay away from the temporary electric-rope fence until I took it down moments later.

I'm beginning to wonder about putting Amy in with these three, to give Jackson someone closer to his own age to play with. Amy's low filly on the totem pole in the other pasture, so maybe she wouldn't be too rough with the baby....

If I'm going to get any work done, I need to shut off this camera and get to it!

1 comment:

  1. Jackson,
    Thanks for the video. You are going to be a great tumble weekslayer. You are also very handsome!
    Thanks for thinking of me and have a great week.