Monday, August 24, 2009

Boo-Boo Baby Butt (update)

The little gal who was caretaking the horses for our weekend getaway was worried that Jackson's hematoma was not getting any better. But, of course, she was looking at it twice daily.
Upon returning after two and a half days, I could definitely see some progress, albeit, slow.

B.B.B. (Before Butt Bump)

Thursday AM:

Friday AM:

Sunday PM:I'll continue to monitor it for an abscess forming, but I think the little butt is going to be okay.

As for our weekend, I'll have future posts on the trip, but the concert itself was outstanding. Browne sang a nice mix of old hits and new songs, and had an outstanding band and two gloriously talented back-up singers.
The only things that marred a wonderful evening were related to site management screw-ups: the major one being their shifting policy on cameras. Originally (on their website) they said "No cameras of any kind." While waiting in line however, the sign said "No professional cameras." (emphasis mine). When asked by a nearby concert-goer what they considered "professional" they said "Anything that the lens detaches from." So Al went all the way back to the car and got my little Canon point and shoot. But as we were entering the venue, we watched as two different guys brought in their big digitals, basically convincing the gate folks that "I'm not a professional." And we saw several more inside.
I was pissed!
Primarily because, with my (Al's) Nikon D40, I could have gotten much nicer photos than these two:

Half the shots I took, I just deleted; even of the ones I saved, most are fuzzy and dark and distant. Last night, after I down-loaded them, I fired off a somewhat irate email to the management. But I'm having to work hard not to let it spoil the [largely undocumented] memories.


  1. It's so true that a great photograph cements a memory in a way that one's own power of recall doesn't quite manage to do. At least you have someone else to blame, unlike my situation where I missed the chance of a lifetime, coming up with shaky, unfocused shots when Rose fledged. (working on post today). I'm so sorry that management foiled that aspect of your weekend, but still happy for you. Glad you got away together, glad you had a good time, and also glad that Jackson is on the mend. In the big picture, life is good for both of us:)