Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Second Honeymoon!

Allan and I are coming up on our 16th anniversary (which officially passes crazy first marriage). In those 16 years, and the previous two of our "courtship," all of our vacations have been spent with relatives: mothers/mothers-in-law, children, grandchildren.

This weekend we are sneaking away for a long weekend to southwestern Washington.
Wandering down back roads towards Mount Adams, possible stop at the Goldendale Observatory.Friday night at a ranch-themed motel which reputedly serves melt-in-your-mouth sweet potato waffles in their continental breakfast.More leisurely wandering Saturday morning (or maybe not 'til afternoon). Check into an historic railroad hotel on the Columbia River. Then pack a picnic dinner and head to the Maryhill Winery's natural ampitheater, overlooking the River Gorge,
for a concert by one of our all time favorite performers:
We saw Jackson in Spokane 12 or so years ago, and stayed afterwards to meet him on the loading dock. He was a gracious man, who signed Allan's copy of his very first album (original LP!)
Allan's comment to Jackson at the time was:
"Your music got me through my 40's."
Here is a nice video of my favorite Jackson song, which you may not have heard on regular air play. At first it seems like a bit of a downer, because it related to the death of a dear friend.
But the final stanzas are full of Hope.

[If you want to see the lyrics, double click the video to go to You Tube, then click "more info" in the upper right corner.]

Spotty baby at home got his barn name because I was planning this sojourn about the time he was foaled. His registered name may very well be "A Joyful Sound" or possibly "Jubilate."
After the concert, back to the hotel for a cozy night's sleep.
Then Sunday we'll wander back up into the hills along the Klickitat River towards Goldendale, and home.


  1. Have a great time - enjoy the sights and sounds and the time together.

  2. Congratulations, EvenSong and Allan. I do so hope you have the most wonderful time together. Thank you for that sound clip. I am looking forward to listening to it this evening.