Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kate on Steroids

Had to skip today's KVTR ride, as when I let the girls out last evening, I noticed a large swelling on Kate's belly, remarkably similar to the symptoms of the  [suspected] bite on her udder three years ago.
 This one was more on the flat of her broad tummy, about as big around as a dinner plate, and maybe an inch thick.  When I checked it again this morning, there were two more, though smaller.
Into the vet we went.  Dr. Joan was happy it wasn't an edema, which would have required more detective work to determine the cause.  Because they were all fairly hard, she decided they were hives.  She found one spot that was actually draining, and she suspects that Kate was bit by something--much as was our best guess three years ago.  A shot of steroids, and I'll give her some bute starting tomorrow, to reduce the inflammation.
The swelling has already gone down this evening.

Now for this week's mountain trail horse training segment:

He forgot Kate's spots!

Friday, April 27, 2012

After the Storm

I had a beautifully written, logical, witty, wonderful post all written about my last couple of weeks...
And Bloger lost it!
While I try to regenerate it, here are some photos from last night, following a nasty thunderstorm system that blew through the Valley the night before.
Usually one of the dirtier horses.
Just-had-a-bath horse.
Supposed-to-be white horse.
But the filthiest of all?
Hooves down winner was old man RT.

Left side

Right side

Back side.

Who me?