Friday, December 31, 2010

EvenSong's 2010 Top Ten (or more) Posts

Carson, at the 7MSN in New Mexico (7 Miles South of Nowhere), came up with the idea that we here in blogdom should all do year-end posts about our favorite posts of the year and then "Blog Hop" around to see other folks' hi-lights for the year.

So, never being one to conform to rules and regulations, I narrowed it down to 16 posts! (I actually started with only 11, but then kept seeing ones I didn't want to leave out!)
In no particular order, except chronologically:

Kate's First Semester Report Card: All F's
In which Kate gets the winter kinks out before our first ride of the season.

Ancient Lakes Trail Ride: No Swimming Allowed

In which the Kittitas Valley Trail Riders opening ride came early, thanks to an unusually mild February.

Hormone Poisoning! and Goodbye, Stud Muffin...
In which Jackson learns that life's tough...and then you get gelded!

Friday Frolics: A Pictoral Essay
In which Jackson, Beth and Kate have some fun and games in the pasture.

Jackson's New Girl
In which a forever home is found for my latest baby.

Breezy Beth
In which I give a mid-summer update on the three fillies' training progress.

The good, the bad, and the...lovely
In which Maddie overcomes her "issue" with water crossings!

Jackson, Meet Frodo

In which preparations are made for Jackson to move on.

Into the Mountains

In which Kate and grandson Mike form a partnership.

Another Week of Mayhem

In which Kate proves to be a pretty good grandkid mount.

I Get To Ride My Own Horse
In which we ford a river!

A Romantic Getaway for Five

In which I get my hubby on a horse for the first time in 12 or so years.
Guess which horse!

A Clinic and an AMAZING Discovery
In which I find a lost baby.
(Look closer...that's NOT Kate! It's her uncle)

"Black Gold" ...or..."Piles o' Poop"
In which I expound on composting my manure for those who appreciate my "hands-on" farming discussions.

And the Winner is....
In which I receive a gift, and re-gift it to another.

So there you have it. That's the best I could do.
It's been a good year.

Peace to you, and all those for whom you care, in the coming year.


  1. What a great idea. I just went through my blog posts from 2010, and I have a list of twenty favourites - it could take me a day or two to narrow them down!

  2. Wow that sounds like fun, i may have to narrow it down but not sure I could get only 10 either.

  3. Have just written and lost two comments, but want to say you made good choices. I enjoyed every post you selected, and many more (in fact, I enjoy your blog.. period:) Special thanks for the barn owl story. Hope they're still around. All the best to you and yours in 2011.

  4. That recap I did took way more effort than I'd like to admit. I write a LOT, and my post titles are not very intuitive months later. I think I'll just call it done with the recap.

    I loved your top 10+ posts though! Poor lil Stud Muffin :( And yay for the girls learning so much!

    Squeeee, I hadn't seen the Winner Is post! That's just fantastic. :D