Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Frolics: A Pictoral Essay

Hey! Werz my buddeze?
"The closer you get..."
(Anybody out there old enough to remember that Clairol commercial?)
(Anybody out there old enough to remember Clairol shampoo??)
The roll back...
...and back the other way.
Look out, Beth! Kate's comin!
Next round in three...
one...Letz go!
You wan me to tak care of dis silliness, Mom?
Look out, kidz. Big Sis iz coming!
Lissen up, you gyz. Enuf iz enuf!
Got things under control here, Mom.
Now, settle down and get busy with the important things in life.
[This probably would have been a good video, but all I had in the barn was the Nikon. But after thinning 45 photos down to these 19, I think you get the idea.]


  1. They look like they are having so much fun! And, yes, I remember the Clairol commercials/shampoo. I think the second and third photos are deadringers for the human version of the commercial - perfect!

  2. Love his little stripey feet!

  3. That looks like they were having so much fun! I love it when they act up when you got the camera ready.

  4. OH! How fun..really wonderful shots of the action! They all are so very handsome! That shot of Kate dead on..wowsa!

  5. Yup, definitely old enough:) Beautiful happy shots!

  6. That is a fabulous photo essay! It lost nothing in not being a vid. beautiful!

  7. Awesome photo series! I love watching horses play together.
    The photo of! Gorgeous!


  8. They all look immaculate, how in the world do you keep them so clean out on pasture???

  9. Thanks, all! I'm glad you enjoyed our play-time.

    Lisa & Kacy--That's my girl!

    Albigears--Jackson had just had a bath (this was after the prospective/now buyer had visited), but if you look closely at Kate in the last few photos, you can see she's not all that tidy! (Her color hides the dirt!)