Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ridin' Time!

Wait a second!
Not this kinda riding!
Hold on...
This last tractor ride portends the better kind of ride:
Brenden is getting pretty hefty, at 7, for Grandma to hoist up there!
Starting to earnestly work on position and just beginning rein control.And managed three times around at the trot!
(Without losing balance and without all the giggles we got last year.)
Right at the end of this video, you'll see Brenden start to list to the right. Kate had relaxed enough to let out her air, and suddenly there were extra holes to take up on the saddle! Otherwise Kate did wonderfully. When I longed her to warm her up and gauge her frame of mind, she was spirited but not too goofy. As soon as I set a grandbaby on top, she settled right down and moved oh so carefully!

Now this little package was much easier to throw up on top of Kate!
Last year Delaney wouldn't even stay on long by herself;
this year her confidence is soaring like an airplane.
Looky me, Mom!

Jackson didn't want to be left out!
[My grandkids faces aren't really that dirty...They had visited the Seattle aquarium the previous day, and Brenden had a shark and Laney had a penguin painted on their cheeks.]
I tried to edit this short piece down, but YouTube isn't "finding" the edited version. Watch about 30 seconds in, when Jackson surprises Laney with a kiss on the cheek! She wasn't sure whether to be upset or not [she's a bit of a drama queen] but she recovered with no major psychological trauma!

A good time was had by all!
And Kate got lots of extra loves--both pats, but more important to her, a little bit of a treat in the grain bucket!


  1. A delightful post - those kids are gonna have such great childhood memories of their times on grandma's farm! And I love "the kiss" - I want me a Jackson kiss! What a lucky girl your grandaughter is.

  2. Lucky kids. Great fun to watch the videos and see the photographs. Especially loved the ones of you getting Brenden and Laney up on Kate, the Brenden tilt, and the one of Laney with her hands out. And, ditto Jean's comment about wanting a Jackson kiss!

  3. Oh I loved this...the kids were so darned adorable up there on Kate...what a good girl she is!
    loved the shot of Laney on Kate w/her looking over her shoulder, smiling!
    Jackson kinda took to Laney...he keeps reaching for another kissy-poo!

    Okay...I hope you are serious...what a great time we'd have at Timothy Lake!
    It is a NEWLY BUILT horse camp there. The old one,Joe Graham Horse Camp, is okay...but very narrow and hard to maneuver with very close sites to each other.
    THIS NEW one...is well spaced and easier in and out with rigs! I am checking into the site and info now with my friend that made the reservations recently~

  4. Awwww! Your grandkids were so cute! How lucky they are to get pony rides at G'Ma's house! Fun videos!
    What a sweet gal Kate is. Worth her weight in gold.
    And how adorable the moment with Jackson!