Friday, June 18, 2010

Jackson's New Girl

Today is the first day of my summer vacation.
Time to get to work!
Horse duties, of course.

It just so happened that last night was D's second night (of three) working in town, so when she got moving this morning, she high-tailed it out to spend time with her new baby horsie.
It didn't take long for them to get re-acquainted.
Once they did, I just stepped back and let them play together
(while documenting the whole time for her).
D does really well with Jackson.
He got lots of luvs.
And scritches.
She didn't let him get away with anything, though
(including trying to nibble at her back pocket).
More scritches.
And more luvs.
Don't they make a cute couple?(D says fiance R is not jealous....yet.)


  1. They're adorable :) I"m so happy for everybody!

  2. Awwwww... that is just awesome!

  3. VERY sweet.

    So. You gonna come visit us up at the Nile campground over July 4th weekend? Come find the Pirate flags and say "ahoy, mate!"


  4. aww looks like a perfect match.

  5. Lovely photos - cute couple!

  6. hehe! If fiance knows what's good for him, he'll do everything possible to be sure his girl has her Jackson time. It'll make her easier to get along with in the long run. Ask me how I know. lol!

    Terrific photos. They are a perfect match. So cute!


  7. Jackson has a new girlfriend! They look very happy together.
    Enjoy your summer vacation - I hope it is productive, restful and fun!

  8. Funny how attached we blog readers become to animals we haven't even met. I was sad when you said Jackson was sold, even though I knew that was unreasonable. Seeing that photo of D kissing Jackson, and then, the joy in both their faces in the final pic was very reassuring. It really looks as though things have worked out exactly as they were meant to. Yes!!

  9. What great pictures! Jackson is so handsome and so loved. :) Happy Summer Vacation!

  10. What a beautiful horse. I'm partial to paints. Great pictures to have.