Saturday, December 18, 2010

Evolution of a Stall

Here is the other project I finished last weekend.

RT has the big west-end foaling stall. At 16X18 it's way more than he needs (he hates stalls anyway, and only comes in for his senior mush and in the worst of the weather). So I partitioned off about 5 feet for his own private stash of easier to eat orchard grass hay (the old fart has trouble with my regular Timothy).Kate and Mama Misty had been sharing the foaling stall at the east end of the barn, and Maddie and Beth shared a temporary 12X16 panel stall next to the hay stack. Beth and Maddie shared more nicely than Misty and Kate in the bigger stall: if Mama was busy nibbling on hay, Kate would sneak in, but immediately aim herself out the door, in case Mama would snarl at her. Big as she is, Kate definitely respects Mama's authority!

So over the last month or so, between starting to feed regularly and moving a couple of tons a little at a time, I was able to add another 12X12 panel stall where a short stack of hay had been, allowing me to separate Misty and Kate into their own spaces, and give Maddie and Beth the bigger foaling stall. (Did you follow all that?)
Here's the process:
First, move mats into position.

[I have to say, here, that Al took a few shots of my mat-moving techniques, then graciously grabbed a ViceGrip and helped me haul the mats down the barn aisle.]

Then, clean out my storage corner.
Bring in a panel.
I love my Preifert panels. I've collected them two or three at a time over the last twenty years, and have enough now to set up a round pen in the spring if I have a baby to start. But mostly, they separate individuals in places where I haven't got around to putting up permanent fence. (This also gives me a "trial run" for fence placement, before I make things permanent by digging big nasty holes!)

Add OSB to keep inquiring noses in check.
Add a front gate.
This is one of four Noble brand 6 foot bow gates and three plain panels left over from our portable stalls when we first moved to the Valley and were renting.They can be chained up to the Preiferts, but usually I use their "clam shell" clamps.
The only time this side of the end of the barn gate needs to be opened is for bringing in hay in the summer, so it's clamped to the stall front panels.
Add some bedding.
Mama Misty checks out her new digs.Kate in her new stall--cut down to 12X12 'cause I needed the other three mats for Misty's stall. (The hay pile is to the left, and Misty's stall beyond that.)
Wet, heavy snow had started, so everybody got to come in.
Maddie and Beth, now in the east permanent stall.
RT's blanket got soaked before he decided to come in (he has 24/7 access). I had to change it out for one of my dry ones.
So everyone's in their final spots for the rest of the season.

One additional note:
The wind came up last night and today, and about a third of the grommets on my cheapo tarps have given up the ghost! I was able to salvage it to a limited extent. I think the system is going to work, I'm just going to have to spend the dough for better tarps!


  1. Well DARN those grommets anywho!
    Look at you go! Wowee!

    It looks pretty good for the season to me. Those are very nice panels you have...great investment!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS...can't wait to see "IT"!

  2. Just getting the post on "it" together--but have to wait until after Christmas, to avoid spoiling the surprise...

  3. They look good, sure wish I had a barn to put my ponies in when its yucky outside, but they just get a windbreak (luckily they dont know any better, lol)

  4. What a nice barn and beautiful stalls for all your ponies. The panels must be very lightweight. I was impressed that you could lift them with only one hand.
    Our wet snow is over already, almost all of it is melted away, and Apache is outside again. I think she appreciated being out of the wet snow and cold wind for the very short time.
    The snow was so heavy and wet it caused our roof to spring a leak...right in the center of our living room! gah!


  5. Al sounds like an awesome fellow. Takes pictures, then pitches in? Perfect!

    I love your open floor plan barn. I'm sure it's not exactly easy to move things around, but it's possible at least! So much flexibility.

  6. Just have to add here that I am blown away by your versatility. Lucky horses! And yes, Al is a keeper:)