Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Week of Mayhem

Grandson #2 stayed for a week's visit after his mom and sister and he and I got back from a trip to great-grandma's home in Northern California last week (Post coming--I took over 350 photos, and have to sort through them all!)

"B" and I have ridden every day so far (though not for very long).
His confidence was really good back on Memorial Day when they all came over. But the first day here this week, Kate got a little flustered when I mounted up on Misty to pony her, and then little B also got a little shook. So our first day we just walked around in the arena. The second day, after warming up in the arena, we ventured out in to the flat north pasture. Today, Pop-Pop Al was available to take some photos, and B was game to go on an adventure...

You be good, Kate, okay?
Check the cinch.
Push, grandma, PUSH!
Warming up in the arena.Over the "log."
High centered!
Movin' again.
Down the hill, and...
...out of the arena... the BIG pasture!
Misty and Kate groused at each other at first.
Neither one is used to this ponying business.
But they settled down going up the hill.
Out in the WIDE world!
One proud cowboy!
It's a long way down, Grandma...
Ridin' is hard work! I need a rest.
Time for lunch!
Kate's going to have a rude awakening next week when I go back to riding her, in the mountains, no less. But she has earned her keep these last couple of visits from the grandkids!


  1. Kate seems to be very sweet and willing about the whole thing - how nice for your grandson to have a wonderful experience like that to remember!

  2. How lucky your grandkids are to have you to share your love of horses with them.
    But you are much braver than I, to pony a child on a horse not used to ponying....while you ride a horse that's new to ponying, too.
    I'm glad they were both willing and not too grouchy with one another, and all was well in the end.


  3. Lisa,
    Most of the issues were Misty's. Kate has proven to be laid back about anything we try with her. She was just surprised that first day when my leg came over Misty's back. Misty and Kate have a little disagreement about just who is "boss hoss" (Misty is) so that's where the sour faces came in. The biggest issue is that Misty doesn't neck rein (23 years old and "green broke"), so I didn't really have a free hand to lead Kate with.

  4. What a wonderful memory your grandson has of riding out with his grandma. Glad it all worked out for everyone. I hope the day comes when my grandchildren will want to ride with me. That will be a while yet since they are all babies now.

  5. What a great horse she is, takin care of him like that, and excellent your grandson want to ride with you.

  6. Wonderful!!!
    Loved seeing (hearing) the progresses. Misty mare...well I do think if you practice just a tad with her...the neck riening can happen- for ponying. My arm went out this spring...I had to ride Wa with the good one...she actually caught on fast..since it is mistly body wieght, seat and lastly your outside rein, pushing them a direction. (My take :-] )
    Have fun with ALL THOSE PHOTOS!
    Kate is the best!

  7. great photos - you have a beautiful horse there: )