Friday, July 31, 2009

Ride 'em, Mike!!

Well, Mike rode out his first big "green horse moment" today.
It wasn't so much Kate being silly--she was actually pretty much a blob. Beth was the snot. After warming up in the arena (hardly necessary at 85F.), Mike and Kate followed me and Beth, in the long lines, out the driveway. Now, since Beth last ventured out into the big wide world, I have drastically pruned the willows and cottonwoods along the driveway, so everything looked different! Plus, Beth was on the lookout for the dreaded puddle that tried to swallow her up last time (I'm not sure if I blogged that 45 minute drama at the time). Plus, the cows were watching!
So Beth and I pranced and danced our way out the driveway. Mike and Kate were meandering along behind. Once or twice Beth would try to back up or whirl away from some perceived danger; occasionally she would meet up with the dun overo immovable object. Just short of the end of the driveway, where the awful puddle had been, Beth lost it: she half reared and spun towards home....and into Kate. At this point, Kate had had enough, and herself spun away from naughty Beth.
And Mike stuck with her.
And he got her stopped and turned back away from home.
By then I had gotten Beth settled, and reminded him to breathe.
It took him a few moments to gather his wits (and his stomach), then we all headed through the scary water pits and down the road. Beth still strutting, but at least listening better; Kate back to dragging along in low gear.
It was the kind of incident every rider needs to handle now and then, and Mike handled it!
Cowboy up!