Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quick Sale Update

We had a pleasant, if looong, day at the fairgrounds today, at the private treaty sale offered by Rodeo City Equine Rescue. My feet feel like they've been run through a meat-grinder! When I thought I wouldn't be taking Maddie, I had decided to wear my comfortable hiking boots (which I wear around here for working, any time I'm not riding--but they're a little clunking in the stirrups). But with Maddie back home, I would be riding, so I wore my Ariat paddock boots, which give my feet and ankles great support, but just aren't meant for being on my feet all day. And, except for maybe ten minutes in the "show ring" two times, I was on my feet all day. My hubby has promised me a foot massage at bedtime (Thanks, Honey!).

As for the girls, there were only two minor glitches:
Maddie balked at loading, both at home and leaving the fairgrounds. I can't say that I blame her much, what with her two long trips already this week. But I can't have that nonsense. So, although I promised her a couple of days off, looks like we'll be practicing trailer manners this week. The babies, on the other hand, loaded right up for their adventure this morning, and, in spite of a couple of mishaps, primarily due to my exhausted state by the end of the day, came home well, too.

The other glitch was with Beth, who is not really patient with saddling in the best of circumstances. Instead of lugging saddles to the [nice, shady] pen where the girls were spending the day, I took my steeds, one at a time, back to the trailer to saddle. When it was Beth's turn, she was a little upset, though not distraught, about leaving her buddies, and another horse at an adjacent trailer was carrying on a bit. So when I went to throw the saddle up, she was moving about some at the end of the lead (tied to the trailer), and the saddle landed a bit askew. Nothing I couldn't have straightened out, if she had let me. But instead, she swung around, and the saddle slid back off the other side--which gave her even more reason to dance. My trail-riding friend Pat had come along to be my "gopher" for the day (Thanks, Pat!), so I fetched her and then held Beth while she hoisted the saddle again ("I didn't realize how HEAVY your saddle was!") and everyone was ready for the sale ring.

Actual presentations went very well, although there was not very good spectator attendance. I worked Maddie in the dressage saddle at the walk and trot. She was well behaved both times, in spite of the fluttering 1/2 inch electric tape "ring," and the rock band warming up [loudly] in the adjacent fairgrounds area during the afternoon. Amy warmed up nice on the lunge back at the pen, but was a bit full of herself in front of the audience (and with the fluttering fence)--she did do all that I asked of her, though.
Beth was a star! Stood quietly waiting for Amy to finish; worked first on the lungeline, then stood quietly again, while I hooked up the long lines. She worked smoothly and willingly ground driving. And she's the one that generated the one at least halfway serious prospective buyer--we talked at the pen before going in, and then they seemed impressed with her work. They didn't come back to talk afterward, but had taken one of my business cards, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear from them later (though I wouldn't be surprised not to, either).

All in all, it was a good day. But I recognize that it was colored with my frustration with the week's events.

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