Sunday, July 26, 2009

Silly Sunday

Look, Auntie Laurie: I gotz a toy!

Toy: the movie.

More silliness.

Mother and Son


  1. Jackson is so adorable! When I clicked on the last photo to enlarge it, it looks just like mom was saying something out of the corner of her mouth to her son, and he was whispering back. "Stand still now, Jackson, so Auntie Laurie can take our picture." "I know, ma, I know!"

  2. lol! So cute. Jackson's Got Milk! :)

    I trotted over from AareneX blog after seeing your comment about burlap sacks. Thought you might be interested that coffee shops, like Starbucks, etc. get their bulk coffee in large burlap sacks from places like Costa Rica. I just bought a bunch of burlap sacks through Craigslist from a local coffee shop, for only $1.00 a piece.