Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Jackson

A day in the life of a handsome young man:

Mama Misty and I comes in for mornin noms.
Into r co-z stall. Notis how mah butt is turnin blak? Face too. An chest. Pretti soons all mah bron partz wil b blak! Blak is bootiful!
I haf mah own buket now.
Pretty soons, Auntie Laurie will put up a creepy bar to keep evrybudy elze outta mah noms.

It's mah job to kleen up Uncle RT's brekfast too.
Watchoo lookin at?!?
Oh, hai. Auntie Laurie.
Hay, yu too! Fight nice!
Wanna play, Uncle RT?
I'll scratch yur bac if yu scratch mine....If I kin reeech...
I needz a nap!
I trustz mah Auntie Laurie, evn wen Iz sleepin.
Wate a sec! How dis happen?
Mama, yur onna rong sidz!
DIS how it happend. I wuz hangin with RT.
But I gotted cot up.
Alls wel dat enz wel!
(In case yu didn notis, Iz hidin in mah Mama's tail agin!)
Auntie Laurie back in:
Jackson is a pretty independent little cuss! I was working in the barn this morning, and was aware that Misty was out in the east pasture, but didn't realize that Jackson was sound asleep just outside the stall. RT was standing guard close by. When I started up the circular saw, Jackson woke up with a start, but hung around to see what I was up to, even though Misty was a good fifty yards away. And he would have to travel thirty yards north to the gate before turning south to get to her. When he finally headed out fifteen or twenty minutes later, he turned the gate corner at a run, with a whinny, and rejoined his mama.

This last sequence is for BJ's Carol. This is a few of the flock of pigeons that took up residence in the barn this year. I love their cooing, and they're prettier than the starlings we've had previous years, but just as messy to have inside. I will have to find a polite way to discourage their presence next year.
And lastly, Kate and Maddie coming in for their breakfast.
Maddie and I have been practicing loading, and have come to an understanding: she won't fuss, as long as there's a hay bag (or at least a cookie or two) waiting inside the trailer. Hey! Bribery works!


  1. Jackson is very cute - lots of personality there! A question - is he a tovero?

  2. Kate,
    Yes he IS a character!
    There is a good possibility that he is tovero--the bald face and white under the chin would be possible indicators. Maddie, his full sister, has been genetically typed, and she IS tovero--her apron face and blue eye on the one side were the give-aways there. Jackson will be gelded, so it doesn't really matter. I will probably just wait to see what APHA decides, based on his registration pictures.

  3. I love the Jackson series! Watching young critters figure out their world is always such a hoot. He's such a pretty boy!

  4. Thanks for the pigeon shot:) Funny, I had just taken a photo of three pigeons in a tree the day before you posted this.

    Jackson looks like a very sweet little fellow. I love that shot of him lying down, looking up at you.

  5. Jackson is so cute! How can you tell his color will turn black? My mare was black and white when she was born and has always been that color. I didn't know that brown color on a paint could turn black. Very interesting!
    Maddie looks a lot like my mare Baby Doll. She's a black/white tobiano.

    I've read that 'language' before that you had Jackson speaking. What's it called?


  6. Lisa, Welcome!
    Maddie had the same mouse-brown foal coat, but is obviously very much a black and white now. And Jackson is starting to shed out on his face, chest and rear end--definitely black.
    The silly language I picked up from reading Roxie's blog (can't figure out how to make a link here, but it's on my blog list). I think it's generally called "lolspeak" from the "I can has cheeseburger" site (also on my list).