Sunday, July 12, 2009

Virtuous Virtuality

Welcome to the Kittitas Valley leg of Haiku Farm's Virtual Trial Ride! After leaving the soggy west side of Washington state, we'll travel down the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. The valley stretches from the forests of the Cascades to the high desert overlooking the Columbia River.
I'll be riding my dun overo filly Canticle (better known as Kate), although I may have to clone this sweetheart for each of my grandkids to join us!On the other hand, since in this virtual world, anything is possible, maybe Mike could go back to riding Misty (now with no navicular pain), and Brenden could ride good old Eddie (EvenSong, our first foal, for whom the farm is named). and little Delaney could ride Kate's uncle "Pete" (Two-Way Waltz).Daughter Teresa will get little Dodger (Adagio).
Since Al's back wouldn't be an issue in this virtual world, and Maddie (Madrigal) would be guaranteed to be on her best behavior, perhaps he'll come along too!
We'll be accompanied at various points by members of the Kittitas Valley Trail Riders. Here we are coming by the dam at the end of Lake Kachess, just below the summit of Snoqualomie Pass (the route to Seattle and the wet west side).
Through almost rain-forest conditions near the top of the pass.
Along Swift Creek, which will feed into the Yakima River. The John Wayne Pioneer Trail will follow the river all the way to Ellensburg.
The farther we drop down, the dryer the forest gets.
Until we drop down into the valley.
After we go through town, we'll stop at my place for some bar-b-qued chicken (secret recipe from Fannie Farmer's Cookbook--also used by the USAF--some secret, huh?), killer potato salad, and homemade ice cream (fresh fruit? or death by chocolate?).

Then we pick up the John Wayne trail again, outside of the town of Kittitas.
Don't forget your sunscreen here, folks.... There's NO shade as we head for the pass!
We can go through this 1/2 mile tunnel (or climb over the last little hill), then it's all downhill to the mighty Columbia River!The rails-to-trails system will get you all the way across the state! Then we can either head straight east to Kate's ride in Illinois, or veer south to Leah's Texas ride. Then we've got a bit of a swim to join up with Lytha in Germany!


  1. Wow, what beautiful country! I've had bad experiences in Kittitas County's tunnels, though--will somebody hold my hand? >g<

  2. I was thinking I'd pass on that tunnel, too. I'm not so sure even the ever-dependable Jaz would be claustrophobic in there, especially hearing the other hoofbeats.

    Thanks for joining us on the ride!

  3. Gorgeous scenery - thanks for taking us on your ride!