Sunday, August 2, 2009

Silly Sunday

Can you stand more coltish silliness?
Jackson trying to get RT to play (again).

Please excuse the spot on the bedroom window--this was early AM, before the day got hot and lazy. Also, my random humming--I never realize I'm doing it 'til someone says something...

I love how RT never turns his back to the little guy! This is because, the time or two he has let that happen, Jackson invariably tried to mount him...


  1. There's no such thing as too much "coltish silliness" - I loved seeing Jackson prancing around.
    As for the humming (though I didn't hear any in these videos), I'm so glad to know someone else does that too! I seldom produce a video in which I'm not humming away in the background. My sister assures me it is a sign of contentment.

  2. I love all the little rears, jumps and bucks Jackson does - he is very cute and there is never enough of that sort of thing in the world. RT sure puts up with him, considering the degree of harassment!

  3. You're right, Jean--no humming this week (it was last week), just heavy breathing!
    Kate--I like your "harassment" term--certainly is appropriate!
    Maybe I'll have to make this a regular Sunday feature--that way we can all get our silly fix, and you all (all three of you) can see how Jackson is growing!

  4. I agree with Jean - absolutely no such thing as "too much" - thanks for sharing those moments. I couldn't hear any humming, but again, agree with Jean. There are at least three of us, I guess, who hum:)