Monday, February 1, 2010

I am not a photographer....

....I just play one on the interwebs.
If I were a true photographer, I would have seen a photo opportunity as soon as I spotted this cloud bank moving in through my office window, not after it had progressed well across the valley.
First it slowly obliterated this farmstead across the way.Then it moved east up "the Pocket."
I also got some pretty awesome shots (subject matter, not quality wise) out the airplane window on my Christmas Eve flight to visit my mother in northern California.

Mount St. Helens, with Spirit Lake in the foreground, and the Puget Sound area (Seattle) blanketed in clouds behind.The Wilamette Valley of Oregon, likewise shrouded in clouds.Crater LakeDowntown Seattle, on the return trip.
(Em-biggen the photo to see the Space Needle to the far left, just above the ship's stern, and the University of Washington above that, on the little bay at the end of the I-90 "floating" bridge. The Seattle Seahawks and Mariners stadiums are to the right.)
Then home to EvenSong Farm!


  1. WOW. Thank you for sharing those; they're amazing!

  2. Another WOW here! Very dramatic photos. The cloud bank's steady progress across the valley, and the shots from the air were absolutely fascinating.

  3. Whoa..those shots are cool, thanks for sharing the white out event.
    Neat to see our Willamette Valley and Mt Helens from that height!