Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby's Got A Brand New Bag

Whadaya mean, it's time to start shedding out?!?
What?!? You expex me to wer dis tent?!?

I don't know 'bout you, lady!

Ya gotta admit, Iz pretty hansum in blu!

The next morning:
Whadaya doin wit that flash box in mah face this early?

Gess I'll chex out the paddock.

You gotta fix da strap? I spent all nite gettin it undunz!

Breakfas tastes jus as gud in blu!
EvenSong back in:
I love how this whorl on Jackson's neck brings the white hair to the black side, and vice versa.
Note: Having computer problems at home again, so I may not be very "present" on-line for a few days.


  1. He is very cute "all dressed up"!

  2. Awww Jackson, you are just the handsome-ist horsey in your new blue, coat!

  3. Haha Jackson...loved your stretch! Blue becomes you .
    Sorry to hear of the computer probs!! ACK...I get em every so often and I miss you all...come back soon!

  4. Have to agree, that whorl is adorable. And, like allhorsestuff, I love the stretch! Good luck with the computer problems!

  5. lol! Love the I haz Cheezeburger speak! He's such a cutie. The one of him looking kind of cock-eyed at you cracked me up. And that leg outstretched. Wow! He's flexible. What's he doing yoga for horses? hehe!