Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meet: Charlie Brown and Fizzwinkle

After RT, our longest staying resident is Charlie. Which is funny, because, originally he came for a year "or so" off. Owner Heather had purchased him from the Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue, and brought him with her from Delaware when she relocated to Washington. 
 She was bringing him along in her chosen discipline of dressage, but Charlie developed arthritis in his knees.  The barn where she was boarding didn't have the availability of much turnout, and Charlie was getting pretty stiff standing around. So he came here where he would have 24/7 pasture turnout. The hope was that Heather and Kyle could purchase their own place in the next year or so, and Charlie would return home as a "husband horse."
As gorgeous as his gaits are, Charlie's personality is even more brilliant.
So Charlie came to EvenSong in the spring of 2013, and immediately settled in to a routine of good grass and freedom to move.
He's gotten a little shaggier, but no less handsome!


Fizzwinkle, aka the Fizzwinkler, Fizz-Bottom, or just Fizz, came to us in a very round-about way.
 Sarah is one of my oldest friends from the blog-o-sphere. I think I found her blog, Food for Founder, when I was searching for information on slow feeders, back about 2008-ish. It was from there that I "met" many other bloggers around the US and beyond (Sarah, herself, being from the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada).  And that was the inspiration for this blog.

Tess and Fizz wowed 'em in Showmanship classes!
In 2010 Sarah went on a six-month research trip to New Zealand, and a young gal named Tess farm-sat for her. Not long after Sarah returned, Tess was offered her older mare back (having sold her when she moved up to a younger horse for eventing). Sarah realized that Tess didn't need a second horse to support while she was in college, so Sarah bought Fizz, promising her a good home forever. Fizz moved to Farcical Farm, to keep Sarah's horse Tonka company.

Tess doing some early eventing on Fizz
Fizz loaned to another young rider.
 Fast forward a couple of years, and Sarah finds it necessary to sell the farm and move to the [slightly bigger] city. Having lost her beloved Tonka, Fizz was in need of a retirement home...and I had just begun to post on FaceBook that t we were going to turn our attention to retirement boarding! Sarah contacted me, and arrangements were made for Fizz to immigrate to Ellensburg in the fall of 2013.

 As much of a lover as Fizz is with humans, she's very much an alpha mare with her pasture buddies.

With my granddaughter.
"A little to the left?"
Currently paired with part-draft gelding Comet, she definitely rules the roost!


  1. They both seem like very sweet horses. I'm glad they found the perfect situation with you. They look very happy. Love the pictures of your place. Hope all the snow is leaving as fast as possible.

  2. Hey, that rake thing is what I do all the time and wonder if someone's gonna report me to the German Animal Control (if that exists).

    I thought of you today when I posted pics of a horse with Kate's coloration. Does she also have striped lips?

    Such a pretty color to have, if you like lots of color!