Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look who rolled into town!

I have been swamped here at EvenSong Farm!
Not in quite the same manner as Haiku Farm, but buried in projects, both at home and at school.

This visit was actually a few weeks ago, but I figured I'd better get something posted, and this was the easiest subject.
Also, fun.

Pat and her older mare, Rusty, who often are our companions on trail rides, have another persona:
Pat has used Rusty for years in her little metal horse cart. She taught her granddaughter to drive with Rusty, and 13-year-old K. now shows one- and two-horse "big hitches" of Belgians around the Northwest!
On this day, I was expecting a visit, but was down in a trench, working on the new sprinkler line when they arrived, so didn't get back to the barn until Pat already had Rusty unhitched and resting at my expensive new tie rail.The bucket was not for Rusty...It was a bunch of fresh-picked tomatoes from Pat's garden!
Pat and Rusty have visited before, but what was exciting this time was that they had driven down in Pat's beautiful new "Meadowbrook" cart! All wood, often times when you find these gems, they've been sitting out in the weather someplace and are somewhat deteriorated. Word of this one came to Pat through the friend of a friend, and she was expecting to have to do a lot of restoration work. She was pleasantly surprised when she found out that the rig had been stored inside most of it's life, and needs only minor refinishing work!
I was impressed with Rusty's patience as she stood stock still for hitching.
Badger has way more room in the Meadowbrook, but had to learn to "load" from the back.
He doesn't have the view out the front that he had in the metal cart, but Badger has adapted.
Off they go towards home.


  1. Driving is a lot of fun! Our pony Norman drives, but he's retired now and none of our others drive, and I don't know how well they'd do. I still have my cart, and it's one of those that spent too much time outside and needs some restoration.

  2. That looks like a great way to get around. Rusty is beautiful and so is the cart. I love the way Badger has found a spot to check out the side view.

  3. I am SO JEALOUS! Learning to drive is on my List!

    Fiddle probably learned before she washed off the pacing track...unless she's like her younger brother who crashed the cart 3 times in 3 minutes and was "retired" on the spot...!

    That wooden cart is so beautiful. What a pretty sight to see them together, thanks for sharing the pictures.

    WV: affiesti
    many happy parties

  4. What a stinkin' cool thing to do! That cart is beautiful! And Rusty is a saint horse. :)