Monday, February 28, 2011

Blogger X 2? [or] Blogger[squared]?

I mentioned in my last post that I had the chance, while I was in Vancouver, Washington (just north of Portland Oregon) to visit the first annual Washington State Horse Expo. And I had realized the week before that this was possibly an opportunity to meet a blogger friend: Kacy K. from All Horse Stuff! Was she planning on making the trip up to the Expo? You bet she was!
We had agreed to meet at the Ansur Saddle booth, as Kacy was contemplating ordering one of their treeless saddles for her and her Wa mare. When I arrived there, I didn't even recognize her, as I don't think she's ever had a photo on the blog without either a helmet or some sort of hat. Plus, she was dressed up! I, on the other hand, had dressed down from my professional self.
We had a great visit, window shopping, looking at all sorts of great horsie stuff and watching several demonstrations.
One in particular was this fellow: Mark Bolender.
Mark and his sweet gelding "Chex" are multiple world champions in Mountain Trail competition, and Kate and I will be attending a clinic with him in May.
All in all , it was a great way to spend the evening with a "new" old friend.
Thanks! Kacy!
Next time, however, we'll have to ride together on real horses!


  1. I saw Mark Bolendar at this expo too, and really liked what I saw. I wonder how many fellow bloggers I walked right past without knowing it?

  2. how cool! I love meeting blogger friends in real!

  3. What a great time. Love the pic of the two of you in the saddles. I do think real horses would be fun though.

    There were a number of bloggers at that expo that I know of. I wish I had gone just to meet bloggers. That would have been so cool!

  4. I enjoy meeting blogger friends (and dog forum friends) in real life too. Maybe people attending conferences, trade shows, etc. should where name tags or t-shirts with their blog name or forum user name just so we can spot each other while milling about!

  5. That looks like so much fun.

  6. Sounds like you two had a lot of fun. Hope you get to ride together sometime. The clinic should be interesting too.

  7. HA!
    You beat me...just postd mine after trying this am and the computer had other plans!
    !YES! Real Horses next time!
    Hope you are feeling well these days~

  8. Meant to come comment way back when you posted this. Opened the window and everything, but I have the attention span of a butterfly so I forgot :o

    Glad you got to meet Kacy and do the expo - it sounds like great fun!