Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's Not To Love?

About this face...
And this attitude.
Jane, over at the Literary Horse asked folks to share their love story with their horse.

My mare Kate (registered name, Canticle) was the first of my foals I knew I would be able to keep, as the three colts we raised weren't "replacement broodmare" material. I'd always been enamored of having a buckskin overo (probably since Bonanza days), but had to "settle" for a deep golden dun. With the horse market what it is, I won't be breeding her any time soon, if ever. She was a dream to start under saddle, and we have logged lots of trail miles together. My big plan for the two of us is mountain trail competition, where she would build a performance record, in case I ever do decide to breed again.

Kate has carted my big patootie uphill...
And down...
To all sorts of great places.
She's willing to give most things a try.

Kate has safely carried my non-horsie hubby...
My kid...
And grandkid...
And more grandkids.

Then, there's that face again!


  1. She's a beauty!
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I can see why your in love. Kate is a nice looking horse.

  3. She is such a looker. You could make this blog nothing but Kate pictures and no one would mind. And I love her sweet attitude :)

  4. Thanks, everybody!
    (But Funder, you must not have read the last post...)

  5. She is soo pretty, I liked her ever since I first started reading your blog!

  6. So cute - and what a great horse!

  7. Yay, Kate!

    She looks like a potential ENDURANCE horse to me, EvenSong, srsly--an e-horse isn't necessarily the fastest creature on the planet; instead, it's the one you want to spend ALL DAY LONG riding.

  8. Those first two pictures just melt my heart, EvenSong. But, all of the photos were heartwarming - there is teamwork, companionship, friendship and love reflected throughout.

  9. She's beautiful and I love her too. What a special horse she is and so sweet.

  10. Kate is one adorable mare! I loved this post, and how willing able and go for it she is! I'm glad that the market did what it did for her to be yours now ~

    Love ~ is a painted mare ~

  11. She is beautiful - I love the 'baby' pictures, but perhaps my favorite is of her sweet face. What a beautiful girl she is.