Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Play-Date with Kate

So, after all the wind on Saturday, Sunday dawned clear and calm, if a little nippy. Pat and I didn't have the distraction of the tack sale, so we wanted to get going before the wind came up again, as is often the case in our environs. So by 10:00 or so, here came Chief (aka Mis-chief) down the drive. The little guy unloaded calmly and respectfully. Pat has been hauling him to a little local indoor to get him started again this month--she probably put 10 easy rides on him at home when she first got him late last fall. But only a couple of those rides were off her place, and then just around her immediate neighborhood. She did pony him out once, with a small group from the KVTR club, and he was pretty reasonable about being out and about.

A little bit of groundwork in the arena.Some follow-the-leader.
Then out we head, towards Hank's cattle pasture playground. (Look how big--in both directions-- Kate is next to Chief!)Across the draw and along the fenceline.
Turn and come back down the draw.

Loop back around the other side.And back up the hill again.South, along the fenceline with our farm. And out the back gate, to the irrigation ditch-road.
Couldn't find a "mounting block" to use. (The Tucker Saddle guy swears that the new saddle won't "spin" around Kate's rotund physique...We'll see.) Finally found a low spot that wasn't mushy.
Mama Misty watches our progress around the ditch road at the east edge of the farm. It's amazing how much she carries on these days when Kate leaves--Misty has always bullied Kate around, but now that they're next door to each other, Misty misses her!

And back down the drive. What are they looking at?

Maddie, Beth, and RT carrying on in the pasture next to them! RT seemed to think Chief was there to steal "his" mares, which I guess is a justified fear, considering he got away with Kate for awhile."Super Chief" gets a pat from Pat for his successful first outing, about an hour total in the saddle. Then some practice standing at the trailers--with a hay bag, of course. This is a skill Chief will need for future KVTR rides.All in all, it was a great "first date."
(Thanks to photo-hubby Al for the documentation of the day.)


  1. i wanted to say thanks to al too for the great photos! i realize no one has taken a picture of me and baasha in the last year and a half. that's not good, and my husband said, "oh, is that MY fault?" yes.: )

  2. Chief looks like he's going to be a good one - nice that you and Kate were able to escort him out and around.

  3. Looking at those photos of wide open spaces, nothing but rider and horse, is a wonderfully tranquil experience - so relaxing. Despite being a forest-and-beach kinda gal myself, I can sure understand why people love living there.

    Looking forward to hearing/seeing more of the adventures of Kate and Chief.

  4. That camera is really paying off! ;) Glad the wind stayed reasonable long enough for you to ride.

  5. Wow that sounds like a perfect ride out! Chief seems like he is turning out very sensible.

  6. Yea !!! That was great fun seeing you two and all your lands_open spaces_ I love to see!

    YEA, YUP And Yahoo....I wrote a fantastically large check to my "Maker" yesterday. I really admire that woman, Carole. You should read her reasons for making that "ANSUR" saddle on her web site(same name)it's at the top under "more about us" and "Bronze". WOW, I admire that woman and also-
    I adore YOU...what a blast meeting you...I wish it had been our Horse Albany. THAT ROCKS! This one was nuthin!
    Going out to ride now~