Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Here!

And here.
And here.
Last week when I went down to Yakima for my post-operative check-up, I was also able to pick up my new Tucker "Cheyenne Springs" saddle!
Unfortunately, between the weather, and the Doc's release to go back to work on Thursday, I didn't have a chance to try it out until Saturday. (PanKake told me it is very comfy.) This was Maddie's first ride since last fall, and, although she was pretty amped, she stood quietly while I mounted.
PanKake was right.
Pat had ridden Rambler down, while ponying Chief, and once Maddie settled a bit, we rode part way back towards her place with them, then returned home.
Today, Kate and I picked up Pat and Chief and we headed for the Boyleston trailhead for a little walk-about on the old Milwaukee Railroad rail-trail. The sun was out, and the windmills across the freeway were barely moving. There was one trailer there when we arrived, and several more pulled up in the time we were there, but we only saw two other groups of riders out on the trail.
Chief was a typical baby, wide-eyed and a little hesitant. He took one or two big jumps at carnivorous railroad ties hiding in the sagebrush, but settled quickly afterward.
Kate, however, was a POOP!
A couple of times when she would hesitate, Chief took that as an excuse to stop, and once he stopped, Kate would use that as an excuse to try to stop herself. They just fed each other's worries. Then Kate would give me an all out balk, and because of the narrowness of the railroad bed, and the fact that in places it dropped off rather precipitously on either side, I was not altogether comfortable getting after her. Once, I just got off and walked.
After a reasonable stretch of forward movement, we turned back towards the trailers, and both of them walked out nicely. We made a point of having them pass the turnoff to the parking area, and go another little distance down the trail in the other direction. Then, before either one of them could throw a fit, we made it our choice to turn back towards "home".
I'll give little Chief some wiggle room, because he is so green. But Kate was supposed to be setting a good example for him. Instead, she acted like a nitwit!
Who, me?


  1. Kate is beautiful. I'm sure she was just getting used to her new saddle. Look at that innocent face:
    "Who me"? Ha.

    Your new saddle is gorgeous and looks very comfy, glad PanKake liked it too. Great picture. May you have many wonderful rides in it.

  2. It is lovely! How'd you like it - or did you even notice the saddle, were you too busy arguing with Kate?

    I love her sunbleached mane. It totally works with the dilute paint thing. :)

  3. Didn't you know about the springtime trail horse eaters? THEY WILL EAT YOU. In the springtime. On the trails. Even though it's not really spring yet. Sometimes they come out early for a snack.

  4. nice saddle, glad you got to try it out! Kate is sure cute, even when shes a poop, lol.

  5. I am really happy that PanKake tried out and approved that beautiful new saddle! May you enjoy many wonderful rides on it. I remember the first (second-hand) saddle that I bought for myself. There's nothing quite like the feeling of a really, really comfortable saddle. Be easy on Kate - she was just acting out her "Spring is in the air" mood:)

  6. OH Lookie-Lookie at your NEW SADDLE!!!
    going for it soo soon after your surgery! YOU rock and (even if Kate did not this time)she usually does!
    That does look nice!!!

    I had a simular time Monday TRAILLBOSSHOSS did not want to lead...A small Miracle!
    But the all out balk at the brige(she's crossed at least 10 times in 5 years) was a shocker.The 5 year old had to lead us!

    Loved seeing you OUT and ABOUT! Getting ready for your EXTREME clinic goooood!

  7. lol! The last photo made me laugh. What an expression on Kate's face...Who me? Perfect!

    Isn't it interesting the relationship some horses have with each other on rides? Sometimes even the normally well behaved, model trail horses can become influenced by a horse that's not.

    It's great you were able to get out for a ride, though. And in your new pretty, and comfie saddle no less. Congrats!


  8. Pancake look quite smug resting there in your saddle. What is it with cats needing to perch on everything like that? LOL

    The saddle looks very comfy and nice and short on your horses. I'm always looking at the length of skirt because that's where I get into trouble with my short backed Arabs. Everything I find has a skirt that's too long for them. YUCK! I really like the way this saddle was made without so much skirt behind. Gives the horse lots of room to move the back end without rubbing up against that skirt. Very nice.

    Sorry your ride didn't go as planned. Kate does look totally innocent about her part in your woes. LOL