Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Honey, It's C-C-C-OLD Outside!

I've been whining all over blogdom about the cold, so I figured I might as well do a post here.
We've had an unseasonably pleasant fall this year, but that all ended last weekend, when the temperatures plummeted to the single digits during the day, and as low as -14 two nights. Sunday and Monday the wind was blowing 30-40 mph, and snow was blowing sideways!Right in to my barn aisle!
The sun came out today and it's warmed up to the mid 20's, so I hope that's the end of winter! [NOT!]

This is an old sequence (note the short haircut), but it gives you an idea what I have to do to keep warm in the wintertime.
Layer #1
Layer #2
I have newer Muck Boots these days, and they really help keep the feet dry. But they only work down to about 15F. Below that, I steal Al's Sorrels pack boots.

I can't say enough about these snowmobile mittens! They're lined with Thinsolite, and fit over either the cheap brown jersey gloves you can get at the hardware store (for simple chores) or over my leather work gloves (for projects). I just slip the mittens off when I need fingers, then slide them back on to keep my digits cozy.
The full-face fleece balaclava is a necessity, due to neurological issues I have when my face gets cold.
Sometimes I sneak an insulated vest in there, too, and I'm surprised I only had on one pair of socks, though that may have been because this older pair of Muck Boots was a little tight, and if one's toes don't have room to wiggle, they get colder.

While I didn't get much done over the long Veterans' Day weekend because I went over to Spokane to babysit my grandkids, I did get several projects done this weekend, and I'm just about ready for winter. But I will wait for a later post to show you what I've been up to.
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  1. Brrrrrr......I remember those frigid days with multi-layer clothing as I mucked out the barn and hacked through the ice to get water to the piggies.
    Our cold spell on the island has finally broken and the past two days have been pleasantly mild. Our temperatures didn't drop as low as yours, but that cold wind was brutal and made it feel much worse than it was. I, too, hope that is the end of winter!

  2. Yeah, I thought your weather was exactly like ours, except a day earlier and a lot colder. We never got below +6 at night, so there's that at least! The wind is just unbelievable, isn't it?

    Gloves - I love wool glove liners (about $10 on Amazon) under various gloves - cheap leather-palm work gloves, if I'm busting ice, or latex-dipped mesh gardening gloves, if I need dexterity. The wool layer really helps.

    Is your underwear a union suit or just long johns + a tee shirt? I need a union suit! My torso is long and I hate when my shirt rides up and my lower back gets cold :(

    Muck Boots are God's gift to horseowners.

  3. We always get some cold like that here at points in the winter - none yet, thank goodness. You look about like me when I'm dressed for that weather, but my coat is grimier! I also have a nose cover (purchased at a ski shop) for those days when the wind chill is -20F. I'm also a big fan of silk long underwear - more expensive up front but last well and are less bulky.

  4. Jean--I was surprised by all the snow in your photos of Lucy playing! We didn't have as much at first, but I think we've caught up now... It did get much nicer yesterday--I was able to do some work without gloves when I needed to.

    Funder--Gloves: can't work with 'em, can't work [in this weather] without 'em! I lose a lot of odd gloves, so I like that I that I can just buy the cheapy ones to go under the mittens. I also tore up a nice pair of silk liners that I "borrowed" from Al...
    And my long johns are just bottoms. I know what you mean about exposure: my old farrier used to lean over and out popped a two inch wide strip of her skin--YIKES! My coveralls help to alleviate that issue.

    Kate--I used to buy the silk ones for my daughter to wear under her uniform (already bulky with her bullet-proof vest, and all) when she was on patrol all night. [Mom's much happier now that she has a much less risky desk job and doesn't need them.] But don't they "run" like pantyhose? And I've been looking at those neoprene nose/face masks: the balaclava always pulls my hair down into my face--drives me crazy!

  5. Arrrrrghhhh, too much cold! You just keep that stuff on YOUR side of the mountains.

  6. Strange that I should feel warmer seeing your pictures of you all bundled up, but instead I feel colder....must be that barn aisle all covered in white. Brrr!

    And the little drawn faces over your nether regions cracked me up. :D


  7. those look like the amount of layers we wear as well, I love the coveralls when you have to be outside for a while :) But now I got my chores down to about 5 minutes morning and night, so I just put on my coat and suffer, lol. Takes longer to get dressed then do chorse!

  8. Wow..
    You got that down. Too blame cold, I tell ya. Your hiding face/hiding body parts, what a hoot!
    Hows it now? Any warmer?

    Did you get your poster yet?

  9. Now I feel bad for whining in my most recent post about our weather. We're positively balmy compared to what you're dealing with. I know some people love the cold but I love the heat so it is a good thing I live in the south. March can't get here soon enough for me!

  10. I've looked, and unless I'm blind today,
    (I may be..did not get much sleep last eve)
    I am unable to find the label "HELEN".??
    Referring to the Sabino gene of deafness~

  11. You sure know how to dress for the cold! You look toasty warm in your gear.

  12. You look like I did when I lived in MT. I LOVE your balaclava. A woman used to come into the feed store I worked in, and she made those. I bought one and it was THE BEST THING EVER. I was just wishing I still had it the other day and there you are wearing one!