Sunday, November 7, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...Choices,Choices!

So yesterday, while I was in the house for a lunch break (I'm in the midst of getting-ready-for-winter chores and projects), I decided to check out what was happening in the blogosphere.
The newest post on my blog-roll was from KC at allhorsestuff, sharing a lovely ride she and her sister had recently had in the woodlands of Oregon, on their two sweet mares, Washashe and Pantz. But KC challenged her readers to see if they could spot a BIG difference in the photos. She offered a prize for the first to discern that the two of them had switched horses mid-ride, most obviously because KC is usually the one taking pictures, and there was Wa-mare in the photos!
I stated my observation, and since, just by happenstance, I was the first to comment, I won!
I got the choice of a beautiful equine charm or a custom vintage-look poster (from my own photograph). Well, since I'm not a big one for jewelry, that choice was easy.
But now I have to choose a photo. Here's what I've narrowed it down to. Please identify your favorite in the comments. Thanks for your help!

1. One of my favorite shots of Kate and Maddie, at three months old.
2. Kate and Maddie this last summer.

3. Maddie free longeing.
4. Maddie under saddle at three.
5. Kate hill-climbing at three.
6. Kate head shot--I really like the contrasting light here--I'm pretty sure the gal can take out the distracting background/ladder.
7. Kate in the river this summer.
8. Kate atop the ridge.

9. I could have one done of RT for his owner for Christmas...
10. I could see if she could do something neat with my logo.
Whatd'ya think?


  1. I think for posters you need shots with lots of contrast. That is my experience, anyway, with the "posterization" button on Gimp. I think the bay RT would make a nice poster, and it's really nice of you to think of someone else but this is your gift so I think you should treat yourself. The photo of you and Kate "atop the ridge" turns into a really great poster and the sky did some amazing things. I played with making it into a brilliant sunset but I'm not a graphic designer so I won't show you the result: ) Juliette is skilled and she could make all of them beautiful, I think.

  2. #8 cropped down - but they're all wonderful! Love the one of the two foals, too.

  3. Congrats on winning!

    I have 2 favorites - #2 and #8. Like Lytha said, they've both got great contrast. I really love the motion and colors of #2 :)

    I'd definitely crop either picture. Sometimes a tiny crop just makes the whole thing pop - I have fixed SO many mediocre photos with a lucky crop. If you can't decide, then let Juliette use her judgment on the cropping.

  4. Thanks everybody!
    As for cropping--yes, I do that with many photos, to good effect. But Juliette's directions are to send it as large as possible, and she'll adapt it from there... I hadn't thought about the contrast thing--tho the pic in the river is one of my absolute favorites, I think instinctively I had ruled it out for just that reason.
    Still time to weigh in, folks.

  5. I can't decide - so many great shots! I love 2, 3, 6 and 9 best as far as the impact of either movement or colour. For the purpose you state, I think I lean slightly more toward 9.

    I'd narrow it down to three and then ask the person doing the work for her opinion - she will likely see potential or limitations that we don't, based on her skill and knowledge of her craft.

  6. Congrats, that sounds like fun!

    I really like Kate on the ridge, but the one of Maddie free longing in pretty cool as well!

  7. Yea!
    Those are all so wonderful....tough choice, rrrrrealy!

    I'm gonda say> you and Kate, atop that ridge< lovely!!
    Isn't that your header/profile picture?

    Ohh.don't crop!!! Juliette needs room to be creative. And don't worry, she likes to work WITH YOU, on your poster.
    E mail her, she'll have suggestions...she's an artist!

    I'm so glad you won!

  8. Congratulations on winning! There are lovely aspects to every one of these pictures, but I'm thinking numbers 8 and 9 might work out the best in poster form. I've never made a poster, nor do I know anything about the process, though, so in the end, I hope you go with your heart. Ask yourself, which one will give you the most pleasure to see up on the wall for years to come.

  9. Congratulations and thank you for including me in the process of deciding on the right photo!

    I do not use the "posterization" button so that frees up any worries about contrast. All of your photos would work well. I am most drawn to #8 and #9, although #1, #2 and #3 are great too. (Some help I'm going to be!)

    I'll email you more details about choosing text and colors. Your really can't go wrong with any of these photos.

    Congratulations again - I look forward to making your poster!!!

  10. P.S. How about that KK girl and her fun contests and sweet prizes?!! She is the best!!!

  11. I'm dying to know how the poster process is going..... "~"