Saturday, November 6, 2010

An Autumnal Blast From the Past

Guess who?
Guess When??
George Morris would note that the rider is a little bit behind the motion here, settling onto the horse's back a bit too soon and gripping with the back of her calves (toe turned too far out), rather than the inside of her whole leg. But I love the soft contact, overall posture, and the super-skinny bod!
This old guy was a trooper! He would jump most anything you would point him at, in the 3-4 foot range (this coop is probably about 2'6"/2'9"? without a top rail). I was braver in those days. I think this was our first show together (of only a few, he wasn't mine).

Heather Phillips on Holy Smoke
[aka, yours truly with "Smokey"]
Doylestown, PA, c. 1974


  1. Wow! Amazing to have such opportunities! You looked great! I'm impressed!


  2. Heather!!
    I love that name so glad to finally know it too!

    YOU look fabulous jumping that Coop! Wow, very Keen!
    And -YOU-HAVE-WON- because you, the first one to visit me today, got the notice on the fact that> my sister was riding Washashe mare( I actully was afraid for her)but the mare was excellent!

    And I got to see her IN WHOLE(not just the neck and head from above!
    So PLEASE do visit Juliette and give her all and any details of the poster you may want!! OR Tara, you can choose a necklace peice. They are true artisans and I love them both!

    Thanks so much for coming by and I did leave you a follow up comment at my place, as well!

  3. Actually, KC, that name is long gone...Phillips was my maiden name, and Heather was a "camp name" I adopted for several years--at least until my first husband spent some time with my mom, then HE decided I needed to return to "Laurie" (that could be the topic of a whole different blog--"Living with a sociopath"...).
    Thanks for the prize!

  4. That looks like fun! I have never jumped anything more than an ditch or tree, but sure would like to one day if I get brave enough.

  5. Beautiful shot of you and great fun to have the glimpse into your past!