Sunday, January 17, 2010

[Un-] Happy Aniversary

It has been a year since the first entry in this on-line diary, and, having totally missed the 100th posting milepost, I wanted to do something special today.
But I have been thwarted by the hobgoblins of technology!
You see, for Christmas I got a new video camera from my Mom, and I was hoping to be able to show you some "Silly Sunday Shorts" of Jackson, RT, and the girls (Kate, Maddie, and Beth).
It was not to be.
I had done a bit of research on the three or four camera models I was considering, and the only hang-up with the one I finally chose is that the video files are saved is an awkward and uncommon file format. My research told me that there were ways around the format issue, but after quite a lot of finagling today, I still have no video to share.
Picture me sad.
(But not in video format.)


  1. Congratulations on the year! Sorry about the camera difficulties - I'm pretty technologically-challenged myself!

  2. Happy blogday! I will just imagine your horses being goofy :)

  3. Too bad about technology complications, but congratulations on your blog anniversary! I have really enjoyed learning about your life with Jackson, RT and the girls, and look forward to reading many more accounts of your thoughts and adventures.

  4. Congrats on the anniversary, and I too am having a hard time getting videos to play from my camera. I thought technology was supposed to make life easier, lol

  5. Been there too many times!

    Congrats on the anniversary...

  6. Sorry I missed the special anniversary...Love this bloggin stuff!
    Keep on! Can you publish to You tube? Then blog it...that is what I do now.