Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blessings, expanded version

When I posted my Christmas Eve post, I was scrambling around--already late for a doctor's appointment, and from there headed straight for the airport, to be with my Mom for the Holiday. So I had to "settle" for just the two photos of the girls this blog was focused on, rather than all the babies we've raised. Here are the rest, each one a special blessing.

EvenSong, "Eddie" 2000
Our first baby.
Two Way Waltz, "Pete" 2002
[Pete is Kate's uncle.]
Adagio, "Dodger" 2003
Angel, 2004
Canticle, "Kate" 2005
Madrigal, "Maddie" 2005Brioso, "Beth" 2006Lindy Hop, "Lindy" 2006Amber Arabesque, "Amy" 2007And, of course,
Jubilate, "Jackson" 2009
I don't have any mares in foal this year: it remains to be seen if I breed any more babies. Maddie and Kate were bred and raised to be replacement broodmares, but with the economy where it's at, and some of my physical issues beginning to interfere with my horse-keeping abilities, I am looking at other possible equine retirement possibilities. In the meantime, I enjoy each one of my current herd.


  1. I love wobbly babies! :D The pics of Dodger, Maddie, and Jackson are cute, but Kate Asleep should be on a calendar. Wow!

  2. I don't think there is anything more beautiful and adorable all at once than a foal. awwww!

    Kate's sweet baby face gave me the warm squishies. lol! And Lindy has gorgeous expressive ears!


  3. By the way, what does OLWS mean below Angel's name?


  4. A bunch of adorable beautiful foals. Love the pictures.Thanks for sharing them.