Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Extra Credit brings grades up to C's

Quick update:
Even after a cold snowy Sunday, the roads cleared enough Monday, [I was off for semester break day--half-way through the school year--YEAH!], for Pat and I to haul to Valley View Training Center's small indoor and work our respective horses. No photos, but Kate's attitude had improved mightily:
Cavorting, just a little
I am thinking about doing a clinic with Jolinn and Mitch Hoover of Oregon, the gurus of mountain trail competition, during spring break, so Kate and I have to start now to get us both "legged up" by March!


  1. Sounds like you're getting prepared. Good for you. Pretty soon it'll be A's all the way!


  2. Half way there, and making great use of your time. "A" for you! I love clinics and workshops when they are for all the right reasons, like this one will be for you. The preparation alone is worth it, and if you come out of the clinic with one new bit of learning, there's the bonus.