Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March comes in like a.....snowball?!?

Okay, you folks in British Columbia. I know I was less than kind last week, when I said I was glad that your freak snow storm was there and not here. But we're even now, okay?

I spent Monday and Tuesday evening, after work, turning/moving manure piles (our composting project is worthy of a whole separate blog). Last night my plan was to drag the "almost-an-arena" to insure that the footing was good and dry for this weekend. When we left town, it was sprinkling. By the time we got home, the rain was really coming down. By the time I changed clothes to go feed, it had changed to sleet. By the time I finished feeding it had turned to snow--
Fat Fluffy Flakes of Frozen Frustration!

This morning, this is what we woke to:
And the power had been off for at least two hours overnight, no doubt because of the weight of the snow on the lines. Here's what it did to our clothes line:

Or trees overhanging lines: So I'm off to do a quick plow of the driveway, before I feed, so Al and I can get to our respective day jobs.


  1. Revenge is a dish best served cold?

    When we got our freak snow storm I pretty much decided to buy a little tractor with a loader. I have a huge tax return coming my way this year, and my mom is threatening to gift me and my sister some money as well. It should all add up to a little Kubota, more or less, and then we won't have to shovel our huge driveway manually any more. Amongst other things.

  2. Kubotas are nice little tractors--but they're ORANGE! Just like buying a horse for it's color, one shouldn't buy a tractor for it's color, but I do love my little BLUE New Holland! (By the way, for plowing driveways, you want to get a back blade which has an adjustable angle--two swipes up and back, and our 500 foot driveway is passable.)

  3. I'll take orange over blue any day. Perhaps you didn't notice that we painted our blue house orange last summer? The Kubota will fit right in.

    We do have a blade on Henry, but it's not much use when Henry won't start (he doesn't like cold weather much). I will hang onto it!

  4. You're right, dp. I remember now being aghasted about the change! ;-D