Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The grandbabies go for a ride!

June of 2008, and my daughter and her kids are visiting.

Misty, the old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be (sorry, just had to). She's got a stone bruise, and is outta commission. So who can I put the little ones on?
(btw, this is an old photo-- that's Maddie in tow.)
I've got RT (Royal Tardez, but nobody ever calls him that!). He's the little 28-year-old Arab gelding we took in for a former 4H student, who's grown up and moved to an apartment in the big city. My older grandson Mike has ridden him once. But, as I explained to Mike at the time, if Misty is a '57 Chevy, RT is a Ferrari--small, but fast, with quick cornering.The only other broke thing on the place is little miss Kate! Mind you, she's only had about 20 rides at this point. But I wouldn't put my precious little ones in a position they could get hurt on. Brenden is five, and still at the ponying stage. It's his first ride of the year, so Kate's verbal cues come in handy--I can hang back with one hand on Brenden, and drive her ahead of me. You'll notice she is listening to both myself, and the little clone on top. Once I was reassured of his basic balance, I moved to Kate's head, and we walked around the arena quite a bit. Even jogged a step or three (giggle, giggle).

Kate was a peach! Now it was time to add little sister, Delaney. My daughter Terri did side-walking duty, while I focused on Kate.
Kate was Oh so careful with the babies!
Finally, Terri got on. She hasn't ridden for several years, so I led her for a minute, as well, (though there was no need for a side-walker), then gave a mini-review-lesson.

Then she and Kate took off on their own.

Don't they look great! (No, Terr, you can't have her!)

This one is for sure a keeper!

Now, what about Maddie?


  1. You have a time machine?!?

  2. dp
    You aren't the only one who accused me of hurrying the future! I fixed it--it was LAST June.