Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kate gets to STAY!

Or maybe it should read, Mommy gets to keep Kate!
All two of you who follow this blog regularly, already knew that I was catching up on Kate's and Maddie's herstory in prep for the coming season of training, and hopefully, competition. So you knew that I still have Kate, right?

As it turned out, that whole last week of school last year, I didn't hear anything from the family who wanted to purchase Kate, even to a direct inquiry as to transportation plans. When I did hear, Mom had been quite ill for a week, and doctors still didn't know quite what was going on (something to do with her thyroid), but it looked like she was going to be doing tests and feeling lousy for awhile. In the meantime, Dad, in the construction industry, had had his hours cut back severely.
Not only could they not afford another horse, they were looking at having to sell their house!
B took the news philosophically, for a 12-year-old, and they were going to be able to keep her old mare by doing work in exchange for board, so this was good. They wished me well with Kate, and I told them they were welcome to visit anytime, or come to any events I might go to in their neighborhood.
I was sympathetic to their circumstances (and I still keep in touch--mom's doing much better), but obviously, there were NO sour grapes about the deal gone south!

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