Sunday, January 18, 2009

Then came Maddie

Misty was purchased at ten years old as a replacement saddle horse for my non-horsie husband, and as a future broodmare for me. She had had five fillies previously, then gave me three nice colts (including Zoey's half-uncle). The year previous to this we lost her Overo Lethal White filly--now that I knew she carried the gene for OLWS, I would never again breed her to an overo. (About this time they developed a genetic test for this anomaly.)

I was familiar enough with Misty's labor signs that I was there when Maddie made her entrance, just ten days after Kate. Between a nearly white mare and all that white on Maddie, the blood from the placenta always seems to be everywhere! But mama and baby were both fine.

Misty has always been great about letting me towel off her foals, and do my imprinting. She was a little bit more protective this year, having lost her foal last year. This became an issue later, the first time we put the two mares and babies together....

Up she goes!
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  1. I have seen a few foals born, but never had much to do with them as they grow up into horses. Likewise I have ridden a few green horses, but I have never gone through the preparation and training necessary to break a horse for riding. Big gaps in my equine knowledge, so I will look forward to living vicariously through the history of your girls.

  2. PS: Your verification word shows up after I have clicked "submit comment" so how can I supply funny definitions? The last one was "couretti" which is obviously cavaletti that you RUN over.