Saturday, January 31, 2009

Growing up Paint--Part II

Registration photos
Fall 2005, four months old
The winter weaning pen, with "Uncle Corky."
This is my "third-of-a-barn." We had committed to build the barn on a cash only basis, and this was as much as we could afford with the inheritance from Al's Grandfather's estate. The tall poles will later support the center aisle of a "monitor" style barn, and then a second wing to the south. It might have been easier to do the center aisle first, in some ways, then add the wings. But, for the design I wanted, the eventual tack room, wash stall and general serivce areas (including the initial water supply and electrical panel) had to go in this section, so I started with these five 12 X 16 foot bays.

Al mugs with a fuzzy Kate.

Feeding time at the zoo!

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