Monday, January 26, 2009

ATTITUDE to spare

My absolute favorite baby pic of the girls together!
(Summer 2005, 3 months old.)


  1. Thanks, RR! I've admired your twins, as well!

  2. Hello there Evensong!
    I read you comment this night on my last post and came on over to see you. I do love those two babies in the pic. They are four now? Wow..perfect!
    I too dislike the round and round..but mainly becasue my mare detests it and is a nut when she has to do it too much. It is her past and also her past not having anything to her work eithic is shot and she cqn be quyite unreasonable.
    I would LOVE to do trail clinc classes. I will be interseted if you can eleborate on that sometime.
    Will be back,