Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kate on Steroids

Had to skip today's KVTR ride, as when I let the girls out last evening, I noticed a large swelling on Kate's belly, remarkably similar to the symptoms of the  [suspected] bite on her udder three years ago.
 This one was more on the flat of her broad tummy, about as big around as a dinner plate, and maybe an inch thick.  When I checked it again this morning, there were two more, though smaller.
Into the vet we went.  Dr. Joan was happy it wasn't an edema, which would have required more detective work to determine the cause.  Because they were all fairly hard, she decided they were hives.  She found one spot that was actually draining, and she suspects that Kate was bit by something--much as was our best guess three years ago.  A shot of steroids, and I'll give her some bute starting tomorrow, to reduce the inflammation.
The swelling has already gone down this evening.

Now for this week's mountain trail horse training segment:

He forgot Kate's spots!


  1. Lucy and Danae are my very favorites!!! LOL LOL
    Hope she gets better soon!!

  2. Oh poor Kate (and poor wallet, I'm sure).

    Love the cartoon!

  3. Oh no, poor Kate! Glad the steroids helped so fast.

    Love that cartoon :)

  4. Tried to comment earlier, I guess Blogger ate it.

    I'm sure it said something witty, but I'm not that clever, so I'll just echo : "poor Kate!"

  5. I hope Kate is now well on the road to complete recovery.

    Had to laugh at the cartoon. It brought back memories of my year working as a stable hand in a small town in the Laurentian mountains. One of my jobs (besides wheelbarrow and shovel duty) was to exercise the horses. There was an unpaved road that went along a very pleasant countryside, but close to the stable was a wooden bridge over a small stream. Most horses went over it with no problem, but we had an Arabian/Quarter Horse that really gave me grief over that bridge. I came to dread it as much as she did. I imagine she saw the challenge along the same lines as the horse in your cartoon.

    Oh, and thanks for taking time to offer suggestions for better focus. Much appreciated!

  6. Man, the terribly caustic flys are starting earlier this year. My stable owner had that a few weeks ago on her Paint gelding too...had the vet out and shot him full of something that helped, then her couldn't went on for a while but he is alright now.

    Glad that Kate is healing, sorry you missed the ride. Your comic is too- perfectly funny!

    Thanks for the kind words....more sun is comming, so I may clear out my head and spirit in the woods-even more!