Friday, April 27, 2012

After the Storm

I had a beautifully written, logical, witty, wonderful post all written about my last couple of weeks...
And Bloger lost it!
While I try to regenerate it, here are some photos from last night, following a nasty thunderstorm system that blew through the Valley the night before.
Usually one of the dirtier horses.
Just-had-a-bath horse.
Supposed-to-be white horse.
But the filthiest of all?
Hooves down winner was old man RT.

Left side

Right side

Back side.

Who me?


  1. Aaaaaaa he's so dirty! aaaaaa!!

  2. I have a soft spot for RT. The good thing is that he isn't the slightest bit worried about his less than immaculate state. He poses proudly for all the world to admire :) So sorry about your hard-earned energy floating around somewhere in cyberspace.

  3. RT should come visit the Wet Side this month--our mud is ESPECIALLY LOVELY right now, exactly the right consistency so that it grinds deeply into the haircoat all the way down to the root of each. individual. follicle. Sooooooo satisfying. Or, that's what I'm told.