Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No News Is Good News

Well, I have no photos to post, but they wouldn't have been much different than last post:  Maddie and I have made two additional trips down to Valley View Training Center, to work in their small indoor arena.
Both trips were amazingly boring!
Which is good!
We walked, we trotted.  We even did a lazy western jog.  We were a little hesitant entering the "corner of doom" at first, but we went.  And then we went more willingly.  Then we trotted through  it.  We [both] thought about loping, but I chickened out, and settled into the saddle, and Maddie came right back to me.
We stood with one leg (Maddie's) cocked, while a silly young Thoroughbred romped crazily around us.
All-in-all, very boring.
Which was nice.  Very nice.

The weather has been somewhat unpredictable:  atrociously windy and cold.  I would have liked to have gotten in two rides each weekend, but one was all we managed, so again, I'm not pushing her too much.  Hopefully, we'll get in one more this Saturday, before the clinic on Sunday/Monday.  Then, I'll be back to tell you how educational it was, and how far Maddie and I went on rebuilding our relationship.
But hopefully, the riding part will be boringly relaxed...


  1. I'll take a boring ride over a thrilling one any day. Calm and relaxed, that's wonderful.

  2. A perfectly titled post, EvenSong, but nice that you are keeping us up to date on the nonexistent news :) Will look forward to more of the same when you get a chance.

  3. I'm with everyone else, these days I want a boring and predictable ride - no thrills! You and Maddie are really making progress, it must be a nice feeling.