Sunday, August 14, 2011

You've Come A Long Way Baby [Boy]!

Mikey on Echo, at 2-ish (Spokane).
As mentioned in my last exasperated post, grandson Mike [no longer "Mikey"--he's 6 foot 3 these days!] is here for his annual visit to Grandma Laurie's Farm.
Mikey on Misty at 8 1/2 (that's Maddie in tow).
With Kate's unscheduled time off, we've gotten a lot of work done this week, to be chronicled in a later post.
But we finally decided Kate was sufficiently recovered for us to go out for a little ride.
Almost normal nose (Maddie stepped up to show what "normal" looks like).
Still a few tender cracks--sort of like really chapped lips.
Don't know if the little scar under her eye will eventually return to black.
Mama Misty is responding really well to her new medication for her mild navicular syndrome--She moved out really well (almost to well, until Mike asserted himself) and I only saw one or two bobbles.  I had put the girls' Cavallo Simple Boots on her, but they were a little big--I found a slightly rubbed spot on one heel bulb.  We'll try the pastern wraps, or some vet wrap to protect it before we go out again.
Other than ponying Brenden around last month, Misty hasn't really done anything but raise babies in a loooong time.  But Mike learned all his basics on her, until she started gimping on the fronts three years ago.  So they were soon reacquainted.  I was really pleased that Mike's form was pretty good, though he only gets to ride the couple of weeks that he's here each year.
Warming up in the arena.
Then in the front pasture.
Headin' out.
Along the ditch road.
After a little bit of an argument about going between the "matching" waterfalls at our irrigation take-out point, Kate reluctantly led--for a bit.
Then Mike and Misty took over.  There is a pond behind those trees, and we will sometimes encounter ducks or other wildlife in this corner of the property.  Those are some of my baby aspens near the fence line.
One hundred feet further and we're back in the desert!
Through the south gate (more baby trees in the background).
Follow the leader over my telephone pole obstacle.
Oops! Snuck out the side.
"Keep her in the middle, Mike."
It took a couple of tries, and Mike's determination, to get Misty to walk down into the "pond" (no water right now).
Kate and I went up the steep side.
Mike's not fond of "big hills," so he and Misty came out of the pond via the more gradually sloped side.
And over a railroad tie.
You may have noticed that there are photos from two different perspectives.  Grandpa Al had snuck out of the house to document our journey.
Look, Ma.  No hands!
The watcher in the wood.
It was a great little "warm-up" ride.
We're going to try to get out with Pat Monday morning, before I return Mike to his home in Spokane on Tuesday.  In the meantime, he and I have one more project to complete, so I gotta go!


  1. Her nose looks so much better. I'm sure those little cracks will heal soon. We had a paint once with a really sensitive pink nose that would blister and sunburn and we used to put zinc cream on it (like the lifeguards used to use before sunscreen). That's how he got his name "Lifeguard". Best horse we ever had.

    Glad you and your grandson got to share some ride time together. That's so nice and lots of good memories for both of you.

  2. after a day or two of Novalsan, then I move to Desitin (yes the diaper rash ointment) because it has zinc oxide in it, as well as vitamins a & D--very healing. I do have to watch Kate and Maddie (and to a lesser extent Misty) for sunburn, especially in the wet spring, or if I put them in the pastures that have clover (photosensitization).

    Unfortunately, the trail ride I'd hoped to do with Mike and Pat today (before he goes home) had to be cancelled--the little bit of work he did with Misty on Saturday had her moving poorly yesterday. I guess she's a permanent pasture ornament now, for sure. She had seemed to be so much better on the meds, so we were hopeful. At least they help her be comfortable overall.

  3. How sad that Misty is a permanent pasture ornament now, but what a beautiful ornament she is!
    I hope Mike enjoyed his annual visit with you - such lucky grandkids, such good memory-forming adventures.

  4. Look at Mike/Misty go! neat having BOTH perspectives too!

  5. Wow I missed out on so much here. But all cught up now and looks like a good ride you and mike had, but now Mike needs a new horse to ride with you. Too bad Kate hrt herseld but she is loking better too.

    Crystal from Ranchriding.