Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Good Work Day

A nice belly scritch before saddling up.
Free longe was pretty cooperative.
Maddie knows the head down cue, but doesn't always like to hold the position--this was nice.
Just a little longeing on the line.
I'll spare you the butt-shots, but notice that the photographer was free to shoot pictures--no one was at Maddie's head for mounting.  (Al was, however, kneeling and shooting up at us--her head was not nearly as high as this angle implies.)
Both of us were nice and relaxed.  Until...
Maddie did a little scoot-spook.  Then...
The next several shots had me in a tug-of-war with her face.  I had to remind myself to trust her, and get off her mouth.
But we ended up relaxed again--some neck rubs.
And a loose rein dismount.
Look who else got to come out and play for a bit!  Beth!

And she played HARD for about 20 minutes!
But she finally settled.
Hi, Sweetie-Pie.


  1. Reading of your process of overcoming a fear and of bringing Maddie to where she needs to be if she is to be a reliable riding horse has been inspiring, EvenSong. No easy thing, once doubt has set in, to manage both your emotions and hers. I'm no horse expert, but feel you are doing an amazing job. I also loved the action shots a lot.. the one of Maddie free longing, and that first one of Beth really bring out their grace and athleticism.

  2. They both look very sweet. Looks like Maddie is coming along nicely. Love the belly scritch photo.
    Both such beauties hope you get in lots more time with them.

  3. You and Maddie have made a lot of progress together in the last week or so!

  4. Awesome shots ....Maddie is gorgeous. She looks a bit like my cobs. Sounds like you are both on your way to great things

  5. Looks like Maddie is coming around nicely! SHe is so pretty too!

    Crystal from ranchriding