Friday, July 29, 2011

A Romantic Interlude...

What with me being away for two weeks with my Mom, and Al leaving today for Connecticut to see his Mom for a week, I had a plan for some special "together" time when he got home from work last evening.
At my request, Al called me when he headed for home.  This gave me about 20 minutes lead time.  Pre-heat the oven for yummy spinach and mushroom pizza, jump in the shower to wash the day's projects away, and put on my silk PJ's.  Brush out my hair and pull it back into a easy release clip, for him to let loose at the appropriate moment.
Then sit down to wait for his arrival.

The dog runs to the window and barks a warning.
I glance out, expecting to see the car coming down the driveway.
Um.  No.
What I see are five spottie horses, headed UP the driveway!
Pull bib overalls over silk PJs and jump into rubber barn shoes.

Beth is higher than a kite, and running laps around me.  RT doesn't know which of "his girls" to guard.  Momma Misty, Kate and Maddie just want to fill their faces with the long grass next to the fence.  I manage to catch Kate by her fly mask and lead her back to the paddock and through to the south pasture, where they're due to go out for the night anyway.  I'm hoping the others will follow.  Beth runs another lap, between the drive, the paddock and Kate.  I slam the gate shut behind her.  RT races from one pair to the other, then does a quick detour into his small paddock--shut that gate!

I'm luring the last two back into the arena as my lover boy shows up.
Dirty feet, dusty hair, sweaty Victoria's Secret, over-crisp (but not quite burnt) pizza.
The height of romance!


  1. Hahaha, the life of a farmgirl... Glad the evening was saved anyway!

  2. Been there done that! Only not in silk PJs and overalls (chasing loose horses in a snowstorm in hubby's pickup=fun times!)

  3. Too funny! Life with animals is never dull - or romantic!

  4. LIFE is not a romance novel.

    Which is mostly good, b/c otherwise we would have the DUMBEST conversations with our loved ones and each other....

  5. Oh gorgeous. I had to laugh I'm sorry. You painted such a funny picture although I appreciate it wasn't funny for you at the time. At least you made the effort ...I hope your man realised that too.

  6. This story sounded very familiar . . . gotta love farm life!!