Monday, July 11, 2011

Lazy Lunch Ride

The Monday before the 4th of July, The Kittitas Valley Trail Riders had an early mid-week ride, knowing that as we neared the long holiday weekend, there might be conflicts with up-coming events.
Each year we try to make at least one trip up the Coal Mine Trail, an old rail road bed that runs from Cle Elum, through Roslyn (where the TV show Northern Exposure was filmed) to the tiny hamlet of Ronald.  There the group has lunch at the "Old #3", a reference to the #3 mine up the road.
Leaving town; Mike, on foot on the far left, pushed the crosswalk button for us, before driving his trailer up to Ronald for additional tie-up spots.
It's a very green trail, with good footing.
It's a really easy 5 mile walk, so I think they're all just bored.  That's okay; we don't need any excitement.
Twelve riders, and four others joining us, made for great company at lunch.
Back down the trail towards home.
A photo opportunity in front of a gorgeous hillside of poppies.
Kate was very mellow, even passing hikers and bicycles.  The only thing that bugged her eyes out was one of those big-wheeled strollers, in red!  (The blue one later didn't bother her.)  The only other excitement was at a watering spot where she willingly went down to the creek, and was getting her drink, something I'm not sure I've had her do before.  Suddenly her front feet slid a foot or so down the silty bank!  I'm not sure, but I think she ended up on one knee for half a beat, then scrambled back up to the trail.
'Nuff drinkin' for her!

On a different note, I also got a work session on to Beth, her first of the year. She did well, mostly, with a little balking at leaving the place when I long-lined her down the driveway.  But we worked through it.
Standing at the learnin' tree.
When we got back from our walkabout, I led her up to the mounting block and weighted stirrups.  I could have gone ahead and climbed on, but that nasty little voice in my head (and the sudden butterflies in my stomach) convinced me not to.
I'm not sure what to do about this issue with Maddie, and now Beth...

On a more fun note, grandson Brenden was here for a week, through the 4th, then off to camp nearby.  I'll be away for a couple of weeks (family emergency), but I have a post in the works about an 8-year-old's look at haying season.


  1. If you're looking for somebody to work with Maddie, my young friend Ryan is one of the few people on the planet that Fiddle actually *likes*. And he does a nice, quiet job getting other people's horses down the trail. Let me know if you want his contact info.

  2. Sounds like fun! Good people good horses, it doesn't get much better than that!

  3. I'm catching up on reading a few blogs and I had to comment and say that your group has some very pretty horses. You must turn a lot of heads as all of you head down the trail!