Thursday, April 29, 2010

Windy Day = Silly Play

The winds of spring are upon us here in the Kittitas Valley. AccuWeather says there are gusts of over 70 mph, and I believe them!
When I went out to let the youngsters out, the wind nearly blew me over when I unlatched Jackson's stall door into the paddock. The first video I took of he and Kate and Maddie careening down the pasture is unusable as I was unable to hold the camera steady free-hand. This video is with my arm braced on the stall door, and I can still barely hold it still--and the effect is magnified when I zoom in at all. So take your dramamine...


  1. WOW! That's exactly what our weather was like on Tuesday. I wanted to share it, somehow, but I couldn't think of what to video that would really capture how windy it was. I just needed three silly young horses, apparently - good job keeping the camera going for that!

  2. It has been windy here too. Everyone seems to feel wind energy - Black Jack, the birds, and I still remember my horse, Sam, on those days. I can imagine the run that you couldn't film. Thought you did well on the 2nd one. No dramamine needed:)

  3. Holy cow!! It sure was windy here in Yelm today. It was so noisy we couldn't even ride the horses in the indoor because they were all freaking out. Had to lunge them instead so they could do their 'airs above ground' with no one on their backs!

  4. Man...some wind!
    Can't believe it tosses you around so much..don't know if my mare would attempt to go out and play, or not.

    We have been doing the HAIL thing for 2 weeks..without shelter... just put the mare really hurts!

    Thanks for the heads up- on my very poor counting skills...made me laugh today!