Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jackson's got a new BFF

I'm just about to start turning everyone out on pasture, so I decided it was time to introduce Jackson to his herd. I particularly wanted him to meet Kate, as I hope to teach them about ponying soon, so I can start taking Jackson out on trail rides with her. Maddie isn't as solid yet out in the open, and, though Kate is still pretty green, she's also pretty steady, so we'll start here at home first--but that's another post.

I turned Kate in with Jackson on Sunday afternoon to see what would happen. They've only met before briefly, over the arena fence, and Kate has always pretty much been at the opposite end of the barn. Her first (and pretty much only) priority (poor starved thing) was cleaning up his feed tire.
Gramma Laurie, what is this big dun lump doin in mah pen?!?
She smells like a horsie.
She smells like a GIRLIE horsie!
Leave me alone, kid.
Come back! I thin I luv you!
Nock it off, squirt!
OK. But wil you be mah fren?
Ahm eatin, kid. Doan bodder me.

Jackson did make a few half-hearted efforts to mount her, but Kate quickly and gently let him know that wasn't acceptable.

I have a long and slightly boring video of the event, but I haven't quite figured out how to edit my videos and YouTube was not behaving itself yesterday. (I tried to upload it THREE times!) So it will have to wait 'til later.
Anyway, here's to life on the farm...


  1. Every young horse needs a mare to keep him in line!

  2. yah, that mare is gonna teach that boy some MANNERS!

  3. That fifth picture is so-o cute. Every fibre of Jackson's being alert to the possibility of love:) Great post!

  4. lol! YOur commentary cracked me up! It fit perfectly. At least he wasn't put in with a flirty, in heat mare. NOW THAT would have been a little too exciting. lol!
    Kate did a good job at showing Jackson what the most important priorties are: eating! :-)

    Kate is gorgeous, by the way!