Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life's TOUGH!...

...and then you get weaned!
Whaddya mean, no more milk!?!I had really only planned to have them apart for a couple of hours, to see how Jackson would react. But he didn't really, so I decided we might as well make it permanent.
Mama Misty is still right next door, and the only fireworks I got were when I tried to lock him in the stall for his grain
(so Uncle RT didn't try to share).
Jackson pawed,
he stomped,
he didn't eat,
so I finally let him back out and held his bucket for him 'til he was done.
Now, if I hang his bucket facing Misty's, Jackson will stay and eat steady, mostly finishing before RT finishes his Senior and supplements and comes over to clean up any leftovers.
Speaking of RT, he was more upset about losing Misty than Jackson seemed to be! He paced the fence and chest-bumped the gate for several hours. Jackson thought it was a great game, and followed along, "jousting" with his head and trying to mount RT. Things have pretty much settled down since then, though RT takes great exception to Jackson trying to nurse off of him.
Stick with me, kid.
Misty, meantime, is on starvation rations until her milk dries up: a handful of senior feed with her supplements, which dropped from the 32% protein lactation batch to the maintenance 12% batch.
Not that it will hurt her any. She's not in bad shape for almost 23 years old, and 12 foals!
She's done now making babies, though.
She will retire to being the grandkids' pony.A compensatory chest scritch and all is forgiven (sorta).


  1. YAY there's Jackson! Such a pretty baby, and it sounds like he's got a good head on him. :)

  2. Sounds like all is going well - he's a good looking little guy!

  3. Yay Jackson - you're a big boy now!

  4. haha! He's a big boy now. And what a big boy he is, too! Good thing that Uncle RT is such a patient guy. hehe!

    I'm considering breeding my mare soon. She's only had 3 foals and she's almost 17 yrs old now. I was worried she might be too old, but your post eased my mind a little.

    I'm glad the weaning process has gone so well.