Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cookie Monster

No, not this Cookie Monster.
[Though I can identify with him--if I have any addiction it is to sugar.]

My dear, loving husband, in on-going efforts to protect us from viruses, spam, and all sorts of cyber-evil, occasionally does things to our computer. Trouble is, he doesn't always recognize the repercussions of the things he does, nor how to reverse them. Often, he doesn't even know what thing it was that he did!

Last week I got a bit frustrated when, after composing thoughtful and insightful comments for some of my favorite blog writers, blogger seemed not to recognize me, and my thoughtful and insightful comments subsequently disappeared into cyberspace!
Last night it happened again--on my own blog! I couldn't respond to the thoughtful and insightful comments (or even the fun and silly ones) that some of you have recently left for me!
It's bad enough that I disappeared from the blogosphere during my tree-planting retreat. But now others might be thinking that I might be thinking I am too aloof to respond to their posts, even when they respond to mine.

Suffice it to say, I may be doing a "system restore" in the near future.


  1. At least they were just thoughtful and insightful comments, not entire posts!

  2. I've had that experience, too, with blogger - and it seems to be happening more frequently. I thought perhaps it was a problem with Blogger.

  3. Better the occasional lost comment, than have to deal with viruses, EvenSong! Loved your connection to the cookie monster, and loved your last post about Jackson, too. Level-headed AND handsome. It doesn't get much better:)