Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Silly Sunday & BooBoo Baby Butt Update

Well, this is an experiment.
That's why Silly Sunday Shorts are coming to (all three of) you on Tuesday.
But I've been experimenting with something new I can do with Picasa, Google's free photo editing software. And besides, I have been working hard on all those projects I used to have eight days to complete....and now only have one!
(Music is Jackson Browne's Nino.)

What I think is cute is that RT is becoming more active in playing with Jackson, perhaps because of the cooler weather, or perhaps just because Jackson is hard to ignore.
In the end, they're getting to be pretty good buddies.
As for the proverbial horse's petooty, Jackson's rear-end seems to be resolving itself. From a distance, and with the optical distraction of his markings, you don't really notice the swelling anymore, unless you're looking for it. I can still feel it, and it actually seems to be more tender than at first--maybe the underlying bruised tissues are now closer to the surface.And a little contusion has developed. Not sure if this is indicative of the original wound, or an issue of skin stretched too far for two weeks now. After getting these photos, I smeared it with Desitin (yes, the diaper rash goo). If it were a brand new injury, I would start with Nolvasan, for it's anti-biotic qualities (and I like the fact that it's water-based and the wound can breathe). But because this is an old injury, and presumably well past the infection stage, I have found that Desitin is a wonderful skin repair treatment.Now he has a problem on his other side: Tell me again why I have horses with so much white in their coats!


  1. Love the video, especially where they back up together or do other synchronized steps - I think they are rehearsing for "So You Think You Can Dance?"!
    Glad to hear Jackson's cutey petooty problem is clearing up.

  2. For some reason the video didn't work for me, but I loved the photographs, and am happy to read that Jackson is recovering. Lovely to see that a friendship is developing between RT and Jackson and fascinating to learn about Desitin.