Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mah Twailer Twip to Towhn, by Jackson

O boy!
Mama Misty an me, Jackson, weez goin onna adventur!
Whas dat over dere?
Itz mah sisters and cuzins.
Hi der gurls! Mama Misty an me, Jackson, weez goin onna adventur!
You wantz me to go where?
Oh. Dats Auntie Laurie's new-to-her horsie twailer!!Mah Mama Misty left me a trail crums to follo.
Smells hokay.
Wher duz mah feets go agin?Auntie Laurie sez dat littl baby steps iz hokay fur a littl spottie baby horsie.Buts Im feelin a littl insecur here!
So Auntie Laurie letz me bak ups a bitz, to gets mah bak feetz bak on solud groun.
Wups! Now mah frun feetz seems ta be on da edge of da wurld!

Auntie Laurie helps me ajust mah toe-hold.
Dats bettr!
A littl xtra perswayshun to gets dat furstest bak foots up into da twailer rite dis time.
One las foots, an Im in!
An Auntie Laurie clozez da doors an weez off to towhn.
Mama Misty an me, Jackson, weez goin onna adventur!

A littl fresh air (da hay fuds is up by da furst windo).

By-by, Uncl Al.
An wees off ta towhn.
Now, Iz been to da vets clinik now tree timz in mah tree ana haf munths, an all tree timz, everybodie dere just thinks Im a kutie patootie. An I meets anudder new vet doctur, but Dr. Mark iz Auntie Laurie's favorit--he furst wurkded wit mah Mama Misty bak wen mah big brudder Eddie, Auntie Laurie's furstest baby horsie, wuz bornded.
An Iz so goodz, an I letz Dr. Mark poke at mah spotted baby boo boo butt, an he sez dere nuttin dere to really worry aboud, dat deres no infecion, jus a littl contuzion. An itll jus take sum mor times, witch I gots lots uv whil Im buzy growin up. Dr. Mark says its gud dat da boo boo iz up hi in mah butt musculs, an not down by my tenduns, an da wurstest I mite hav iz a littl pucker or maybe a littl dimpl on mah kewt littl spotted butt when it finly getz all heelded ups.
But maybe nots, cuz I iz all yung an healty an all.

After Dr. Mark finushed checkin out my spotted baby boo boo butt, he sent a vet teckie ladie out tah help Auntie Laurie lode Mama Misty and me bak in the twailer. But Auntie Laurie tol the vet tekie ladie dat she wanted to try again to lode us all by herselves agin. So we follered hers to da bak of da twailer, an Mama Misty walks right in, an Auntie Laurie goes up to ty her hed up by da hay fuds, an while she's standin dere at the end of mah ropes, I jus lookded arown at the sitiation, an decided to lode my littl spottie selves in to the twailer.
So I did!
I jus walkded up in dere nex to my Mama Misty lik I been doin it all my lifes, witch, if ya think aboud it, I have!

An we all wentz home to Uncle RT, who missded me bunches, an even playded wit me when we gotz home.

An I tolded hims all aboud Mama Misty and me, Jackson, goin onna adventur to towhn!


  1. That was just to dang cute! Adorable actually!

  2. Oh Jackson I am very glad your boo boo on your spotted baby butt, aka cutie patootie, is nothin' to worry about. And what a good boy to get into the trailer all by yourself for the ride home.
    Um....I think I'm in love with you. Wanna come live with four old doggies and a kitty?????

  3. Jackson, you are just the best - and the cutest, too! What a smart boy to just get on the trailer by yourself to come home! It looks like your mama is smart about such things too which must make you worry less - and your owner gave you some good help figuring out where to put your feet - good for her!