Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maddie, meet the mountains!

Kate! Auntie Laurie and me, we wentz to the mountins today!

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[Note: I couldn't figure out how to put exactly the right area of the map in the picture. If you move south on the map, until you find the junction of the two yellow roads, Hwy 903 and Bullfrog Road, and put that upside down "V" in the lower left corner of your picture, then the area shown will be where we were.]

I nu I wuz in trubble when Auntie Laurie came an gotz me urly in da mornin, an putz her big scary saddl on me, an leaded me up da driveway to her fren Pat's rattlebox-on-wheelz waitin on da rode. An dis rattlebox-on-wheelz got no walk-up-ramp like Auntie Laurie's, but der wuz anudder horsie inside named Rambler, an cause I don wantz my new fren Rambler to be loneliez, I stepded rite up into dat rattlebox-on-wheelz, and introdoosed myself to Rambler, an den we were off.

When we furst gotz der, der wuz dis great big passtur full uv horsies and rattleboxes (what a waste of a good passtur), an we got all dressded up an we started off with all dose udder horsies into da MOUNTAINS!
We rode mosley wit Auntie Laurie's frenz Pat's grup of horsies and der peeples called da "Kittitas Valley Trail Riders." An I wuz pretty eggsited to show off my prancin and dancin style to dose udder horsies, especially when we had to stop an wate r turn playin sumtin called "poker."

An den we started climmin da mountain. An climmin. An climmin! An der wer purty trees everywhere, but dey hid all sortsa sneeky predators an boogers. An der wuz places wher da trail was a littl rocky, an places wher da trail wuz really deep dusty sand dat tried to eat my legs! Sumtimez I wud follow Rambler, but sumtimes I wud leed him, just so he nose wher ta go. But even if I wuz leedin Rambler, der wuz always horsies in frunt of us dat it wuz importan dat I keep in site.

An der wuz a horse-gooblin streem! Rambler wated for me, but I wuznt goin neer dat creek. So Rambler said he wud goes furst to show me it wuz ho-kay, an he wuz standin rite in da water, so I sez, ho-kay, I'll tryz it. But den, wen I gotz my two frunt feetz in da water, it wuz WET! An I decided I bettr jus get my purty black an wite bodee outta der, befor I drownded, so I jumpded the whole creek is one humongus jump! Unfortunately, Rambler wuz still standin rite der in frunt a me, an I runded into hiz big sorrel butt. An Auntie Laurie's frenz Patz boot got in da way uv my face, so I stopded rite der--but I wuz on da udder side of the streem, so I decided it wuz ho-kay agin.

An we climded more mountain. By now I wuz gettin a littl tired, an not prancin an dancin so much, eggcept wen da trees wud thin out sum, an der wud be sum eggstra room, an da wind wud catch my purty wite mane--den I wud dance a littl for da rest of da horsies and der peeplez.

Wit all dat climmin, I wuz shure hopin dat der wuz sum goin down purty soon, and finally, after wat Auntie Laurie sez wuz bout 4 or 5 miles, der wuz. But it wuznt very fun eeder--sumtimez it wuz so steep I practly had to sit on my purty tale, an sumtimez der wuz big flat rocks, dat if I din go sloz I wud slip on dem, so I purty much had to trust my Auntie Laurie to get me down offa dat mountain. An da bigges trust wuz when we had to walk accrost a littl muddy bog. But Iz so tired by now, I dint really worry bout it, til I was purty well thru it, an den, well, I wuz purty well thru it, so it wuz ho-kay agin.

An suddenlyz we iz back at the passtur wid the udder horsies an da rattleboxes-on-wheelz, an I get all eggsited agin, but only til we get to our rattlebox an den Auntie Laurie loosens up my gurt an gives me a littl slurp uv water and a few littl appl-treets an tells me I wuz purty gud for my six-teenth ride an da furstest time out in da big wide wurld! An Rambler an I getz our saddlz off, an getz sum hay to share, an sum more water, an a NAP!

I not so eggsited anymore.
I iz jess plum TIRED!
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  1. Oh Maddie, it sounds like you had a wonderful day, and you were a very brave horsie for your furstest time out in da big wide wurld! I enjoyed reading your story.